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Chapter 347: Destined to Accompany Him

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Looking at her stubborn expression, Li Zilan couldnt help but think of a question.

If she hadnt come today, and Yun Xi had had to fight alone, how likely would it have been that she escaped

She cocked her head and glanced at the three people on the first floor who had been knocked out by Yun Xi.

It hadnt been easy for her to have escaped without disturbing the people outside, so admiration flashed in her eyes.

This young girls hands, which were usually used to save people, were just as decisive and courageous when beating people up.

Seems like self-preservation is a great instinct.

In the future, they wouldnt have to worry about her risking her life doing reckless things.

In survival mode, there was no limit to a persons potential.

Todays incident would be a good lesson for her and would at least let her clearly recognize her own abilities and limits.

If she can survive this, it shouldnt be difficult for her to stand beside Mu Feichi in the future.

That foolish man was unwilling to let her endure many hardships, but who could predict the future

If she didnt have the ability to protect herself, if she really encounters this sort of experience again one day, she would inevitably become the one who drags Mu Feichi down.

Li Zilan had wanted to cultivate the wife of the Mu familys head of household so that it would be impossible for her to be an incapable and cowardly flower vase who was afraid of everything.

As a doctor, rescuing people was her god-given duty.

But possessing these combat and self-preservation skills would also be instincts that she would need as the wife of the Mu familys ruler in the future.

If she married into the Jiang family, she might be able to live a peaceful and prosperous life without experiencing any of these cutthroat trials.

However, it was a pity that since that knucklehead had taken a liking to her, she wouldnt be able to escape him in this life.

Since she was destined to accompany him to the end, she might as well adapt sooner rather than experience a nightmare without warning in the future.

“Since you dont want to retreat, then cooperate with me.

As soon as we give him the signal, Young Marshal Mu will rush in from outside.

Now, we have to deal with the kidnappers on the opposite side, as well as the people rushing in at the door.”

“I know!” Yun Xi nodded.

Then, just as she looked up, she saw a kidnapper sneaking up in the corner behind Li Zilan.

The kidnapper also saw them, but, before he could do anything, Yun Xi shouted, “Be careful!” Almost subconsciously, at her fastest reaction speed, she quickly rushed toward the person.

However, the loud sound alarmed several other kidnappers on the floor.

Li Zilan couldnt take care of her anymore, but quickly took care of the others.

Yun Xi looked at the kidnapper who had fallen to the ground after shed knocked him out and stood up after she was sure that she was safe.

Today was a day she would never forget in her life.

Mu Feichi had already finished all the preparations outside, but his face suddenly sank when he heard the sound of Yun Xis voice.

He couldnt wait any longer.

After coldly giving instructions to a person through his headset, he rushed directly to the entrance of the factory.

In the factory, the kidnappers whod heard the noise had rushed in and started to look around.

Holding his head and covering his ears while shrinking his body up into a corner behind a machine, Han Yaotian was terrified of being dragged out by them.

Having never experienced such a scene before in his lifetime, Han Yaotian was so scared that his eyes rolled into the back of his head and he fainted.

Moving quickly, Mu Feichi rushed in with twice as many people as the kidnappers had, and, with Li Zilans cooperation on the third floor, he quickly gained control of the scene.

After the kidnappers in the factory had all been tied up, Mu Feichi stood in the factory and his icy eyes looked all around.

Taking off his headset, he yelled at the person on the third floor, “Li Zilan, where is she”

Li Zilan yelled back, “On the third floor.

Shes okay! Well come down right away.

Wait for us!”

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