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Chapter 339: Give Her Control over the Fate of an Entire Clan

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After the winter solstice, the weather in Jingdu kept getting colder and colder.

Yun Xi cheated Yun Yuanfeng out of 3,000 yuan for her birthday gift in order to buy a phone.

Liang Xiuqin fussed about that for a long time.

After all, in this era, 3,000 yuan was almost the same amount as the cost of a months worth of food.

To buy a phone that cost the same amount as one months worth of food, in Liang Xiuqins view, was unseemly and also would probably be a distraction from her schoolwork.

But since Yun Yuanfeng had agreed, Liang Xiuqin couldnt object.

When Yun Xi took out the phone that had been given to her by Mu Feichi, her mother felt infuriated.

In order to get back at her, Liang Xiuqin deliberately talked about Yun Xis grades in front of Yun Yuanfeng and warned her that if her final exam scores dropped, her phone would be confiscated.

Yun Yuanfeng was also worried about Yun Xis grades.

After all, the prestige of the university she ended up going to would affect her ability to get a good job in the future.

Yun Xi had repeatedly assured him that her academic performance wouldnt decline.

Only then was she let off the hook.

Since Mu Feichi had been injured, he stayed at home.

The employees of the Mu Corporation sent the companys documents to the sentry post every day.

Every day, she went up the mountain to help Mu Feichi change his bandages.

Listening to the reports from his subordinates, Yun Xi surmised that the cooperation project didnt seem to be going well at this time.

She didnt know if Mu Feichi was setting a trap for someone or if there was some other reason, but it was rare to see him, the powerful head of a clan, so troubled.

The seeming calm before the storm that she felt brewing made her feel nervous.

Mu Feichi was still as busy as usual, while Yun Xi attended classes every day and took leaves of absence on the weekend to train in the mountains.

Any news she heard when she was with him was all news that Mu Feichi wanted her to hear, and anything else was not her affair.

Looking at the information she was holding at the moment, Yun Xi seemed a little surprised.

Suddenly, she looked at Mu Feichi, who seemed as if he hadnt woken up yet.

“The Han family is also involved This…seems unlikely…”

According to the knowledge that shed gained from her previous life, the Han family had been involved in many industries and businesses, especially in the world of finance, and was involved at a level above the other three great clans.

It was also because of the financial support from the business community that the Han family had been able to firmly establish its position as one of these four most prominent families.

When shed met Han Yaotian back then, it had been the Han familys golden age.

Later, as if Han Yaotian and Han Wanling had been jinxed, for unknown reasons the companys investment projects had repeatedly failed.

And for the sake of her starry-eyed romance, shed helped Han Yaotian fill in the holes again and again.

If the Han family had offended someone and this had led to the failure of future business projects, it wouldve been impossible for her to have been in the company for such a long time without discovering anything.

Had the Han family covered up too well, or had she been too foolish and naive

From the results of Mu Feichis investigations now, it seemed very likely that the Han family had really offended the prominent Mu family.

It seemed that she was one step closer to sending the Han family to h*ll!

With a nonchalant expression, Mu Feichi opened his eyes a little bit.

“The evidence is in front of you, so you have to believe it.”

“Then…Young Marshal Mu, what are you going to do”

“This time, since Ive intervened to deal with this matter personally, Im afraid that the Han family will be overjoyed.”

Yun Xi was stunned, but she quickly grasped the point.

“What do you mean Youre happy even though theyve offended you If you had to deal with it yourself, youd probably have been even more ruthless, so they should be anxious and afraid right now.”

“The Han family was probably scammed by someone on this project.

At this moment, theyre worried that there is no way to fix this.

Hoping to make everything perfect, they have been working overtime recently to fill in all the loopholes, so that when I personally come down to check, I will only see the advantages of the Han family.

The Mu family has never paid attention to the Han family, but if we pay attention to the Han family this time, maybe the Han family and the Mu family will have a chance to cooperate.

Of course, everything depends on me blindly thinking they have potential, otherwise no matter how well the Han family behaves, it will be pointless.”

“Then, if the problem lies with the Han family, can the Han family be directly stripped of its position as one of the four major clans”

“Yes, they can! But currently, the Zhao family isnt strong enough to balance the other three clans.

Also, Ive said I wouldnt interfere with the grievances between you and the Han family.

I can set up your target for you, and, if you want revenge, you can do it yourself.”

Pondering the meaning of Mu Feichis words, Yun Xi frowned slightly.

“Young Marshal Mu, you mean that you intend to let the Han family off the hook for the time being and deal with them when the timing is right”

“Thats not what I meant, but what you want.

Its up to you.”

As if he would really listen to her! Could she make decisions for him

How magnanimous of him to give her control over the fate of an entire clan, as if he wasnt afraid of her causing trouble.

Li Zilan had said that he was a fool, and, sure enough, she was right!

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