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Chapter 338: Where Theres Smoke, Theres Fire

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Even if they couldnt use their connections with the Jiang family, at least there still have the Feng family.

If that wretched girl has a connection to this family, why shouldnt they all enjoy it together

“Mom, if you want to use the Feng family to climb socially, you first need to ascertain if you would even be allowed you to climb to their level.

Young master Feng didnt even glance at you before, yet you have the audacity to face them…”

There was no difference between the residents of the villa complex and the prominent families who lived outside of it.

All the prominent families had long been accustomed to opportunists trying to throw themselves at them.

Every single person living in the villa complex was some kind of influential, affluent person that the Yun family couldnt afford to offend.

The Feng family in particular was one of the largest shareholders of the villa complex, so, on any excuse, they could easily kick the Yun family out of the villa complex completely and onto the streets.

Yun Xi knew that if her mother managed to dig her own grave, in the end, it would be the entire Yun family that would take a hit.

When the time came, if they were really unable to stay in the villa complex, the Yun family would indeed use Liang Xiuqin, who didnt have any support or distinguished background, as a scapegoat.

Or, they would try to use Yun Xis connections with Feng Yang to force her to go to the Feng familys house to humbly beg for leniency.

She always had to clean up the messes caused by her troublemaking mother, but why should she

If they wanted to take advantage of her, they would have to pay the price.

“What are you thinking Do you think you can climb to the level of the Feng family Take a look at your status.”

Yun Xi smirked at her mother.

She didnt want to climb to the level of the Feng family and let the Yun family reap all the benefits.

“Mom, dont blame me for not reminding you.

If you offend the Feng family, the Yun family may not be able to stay in the villa complex.

At that time, dont expect me to go to the Feng family to plead for you.

The Feng family isnt the same as the Jiang family and the Chen family.

Prominent families value their images.

You cant just beg for mercy and expect them to forgive all the mistakes that youve made.

These people are different!”

Her mother had lived in the villa complex for many years, so she should understand these differences among people.

Because none of them had any shortage of money, they didnt need to be obsequious.

And, in terms of whether certain people or projects interested them, that probably all depended on their moods.

No matter how foolish Liang Xiuqin was, she understood these differences in the villa complex.

She had lived here for so many years, and shed really fooled herself into thinking that the Yun family was affluent and powerful.

When she went outside the complex, she really thought she was superior to others.

With Liang Xiuqins strong instinct to destroy herself, Yun Xi had no worries about being able to separate her from Yun Yuanfeng in the future.

Besides, her aunt was a lucky charm who hadnt come in handy yet.

After Yun Xi had poured a bucket of cold water on her head, Liang Xiuqin was so angry that you could practically see the smoke rising from her.

She glared at Yun Xi angrily and went into the house.

She had to just grit her teeth because she had nowhere to go to vent her anger.

“Mom, theyre the Feng family.

If my sister dates the young master of the Feng family, she definitely wont be interested in an engagement with the Jiang family.

Could you ask her to let me take her place This way, our family can establish connections with both the Feng family and the Jiang family, and these two big families can be our allies.

Afterward, you could ignore all those b*tchy socialites.”

“Fair enough, but who knows how far that wretched girls relationship with the Feng familys young master has developed”

“If there hasnt been enough development, well have to be matchmakers.

Brother Feng is so aloof, and we have no idea what hes up to.

I dont dare question him, but seeing that he gave her such a precious gift, their relationship definitely isnt an ordinary one.”

Liang Xiuqin was very intrigued by this proposal, but she also felt hesitant.

“Not only do we have to avoid offending the Feng family, but we also have to be matchmakers with them.

How difficult!”

Yun Ziling thought about it for a while, then she suggested, “Since we live in the same villa complex, if you gossip about the relationship between my sister and Brother Feng with our neighbors, it will spread like wildfire.

You know what they say, where theres smoke, theres fire.

If we dont clarify or explain anything, they will definitely treat it as acquiescence! If the Feng family asks us any questions, well just say that their young master has pursued our familys daughter.

Well seem completely innocent.

Wont that be a win-win situation for us”

“What youre saying has some truth to it.

I will consider this matter.”

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