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Chapter 335: Im Leeching on You

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Yun Xi was so frightened by the sight of him unbuttoning his shirt that she almost dropped the alcohol bottle in her hand.

Resisting the urge to smash the bottle on his face, she took a deep breath.

Her eyes twitched, and, looking at the man in front of her, she gritted her teeth and threatened, “Young Marshal Mu, if you dont behave, I have 100 ways to make you straighten up.”

Mu Feichi narrowed his eyes slightly, and he stopped unbuttoning his shirt.

Instead, he sized her up listlessly.

Perhaps it was because he was really feeling uncomfortable and didnt have much energy left to speak.

“Dont you want to cool me down Do whatever you want!”

He didnt want to scare this little rascal, so he stopped moving around.

Yun Xi glanced at him, grabbed a handful of cotton, and started rubbing alcohol into his forehead and chest.

This man was good-looking, but at this time she had no intention of admiring his looks.

Halfway through the rubdown, Mu Feichi had fallen asleep.

Perhaps he was really feeling sick.

Even when hed fallen asleep, he was still frowning.

This man didnt easily reveal his fragility in front of other people.

In the cutthroat world of business, he was the head of the Mu family and the iron-fisted president of the Mu Corporation who was in charge of the rise and fall of the entire clan.

Too many expectations had been placed on him, and no one could help him carry the heavy burden.

At his age, boys were usually just starting to understand the meaning of life and learning how to take responsibility.

Just like Chen Yichen, who at his age, after graduating from university, had started his own business and devoted himself to personal aspirations.

Yet here was Mu Feichi, already the head of a clan with enemies both out in the open and in the dark.

He had to learn to become more resilient to deal with all these difficult experiences.

She couldnt imagine that he had started going to company social events with his father when he was still a teenager.

She didnt know how it must feel for him to stay afloat in the cutthroat business world while at the same time always keeping a smile on his face.

Everything might not be as perfect as outsiders thought.

This man was like a thick book that one would need courage to read.

And standing by his side required more abilities and resources than simply courage.

She wasnt sure whether she had such abilities, so when he presented the position of his wife to her, shed acted like an ostrich, sticking her head in the sand.

Shed had no choice but to escape.

With a light sigh, she stretched out her hand and stroked his forehead to smooth out the wrinkles.

At dawn, Yun Xi got up early and dug out from a drawer a few Chinese medical herbs that shed gotten from Su Hang.

Before anyone in the household was awake, she went downstairs to cook a herbal congee.

The housekeeper was the first to get up.

Seeing Yun Xi busy in the kitchen, she thought shed been hungry so she came to help her.

“Miss, if youre hungry, let me cook you something to eat.”

Yun Xi glanced at the housekeeper, then hurriedly put the lid on the pot, and smiled awkwardly.

“No, I just wanted to cook some porridge to satisfy my stomach.

I like the breakfast you make, Auntie.

Ill go back to sleep for a while before I eat breakfast.”

“Then I will watch the fire.

What are you cooking Why does it smell like Chinese herbal medicine”

“The weather has been cold recently, and this is a herbal congee for preventing colds.

The countryside wasnt as cold as Jingdu is, and herbal congee is more effective at preventing colds than taking medicine is.”

The housekeeper didnt understand Chinese medicine, so she nodded and started to prepare breakfast for the family.

After taking the medical herbal congee and going upstairs, she saw that Mu Feichi was already up and leaning against the pillows as he stared at her.

There was heating at home, but she was wearing a long blue-green down jacket that made her look like she was full of vitality and energy, as if she was a bud that had just emerged on a plant.

“Its Saturday today, so they wont wake up so early.

I cooked some porridge for you.

You can drink some.”

She carried the congee over and put it on the bedside table.

“You cant open the window to climb out with your wound.

I dont know when they will go out today, so you should go out through the front door now.”

“I will stay here for a few days.”

“Huh” Yun Xi was stunned when she heard him say this.

“Live here for a few days Youre crazy! If they find you, Ill be dead meat.”

“You live alone on the third floor right next to the bathroom, and no one usually comes up here.

Who will find out if I dont go out”

“Are you leeching on me now”

“Yep, Im leeching on you.”

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