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Chapter 332: After Eating the Silver Coin, You Have to Marry Me

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“What is this” Looking curious, she raised her head.

“The family badge of the Mu family.

My dear, after eating this, you have to marry the person in charge of the Mu family in the future.”

“Is this a joke” Yun Xi purposely played dumb as she asked, “Who is the person in charge I dont know.”

Mu Feichi smiled, grabbing her by the chin, as he pounded his chest, laughing.

“Hes as unapproachable as the sky and right in front of you, me!”

“Who is going to marry you” Grabbing a paper towel to wipe the silver coin clean, she put it back into Mu Feichis hand in mock anger.

“Who do you want to marry if you dont want to marry me That idiot Jiang Henglin looks down on you.”

“Who cares about him” Not wanting to worry about marrying at all, Yun Xi snorted and pointed to the dumplings.

“Who knows whether you stuffed silver coins inside every single dumpling to influence a naive young girl like me.”

He was such an experienced flirt, and shed been so foolish in her previous life that she had died because of a love that shed believed in but which had never actually existed.

In terms of love, she couldnt help but have her guard up.

Mu Feichi chuckled.

“Then you finish eating and have a look.”

He seemed to have guessed that she would say this a long time ago, so hed wrapped one of the silver coins in the crab dumpling.

He was allergic to seafood, so naturally he wouldnt eat it himself.

In this way, no matter when she ate them or if she had him try them first, only she would get the dumpling with the silver coin.

Just like no matter what, she could only marry him in the future.

Yun Xi glanced at him and then stubbornly forked the leek dumplings into his mouth.

In her fit of temper, she didnt notice that the two of them were using the same fork.

She didnt like eating leeks that much because the taste was too overpowering, and she didnt like it when she had eaten one of them moments before.

But Mu Feichi liked eating them.

To him, eating something that symbolized eternity would bring him good luck.

“What birthday gift do you want”

At first, Yun Xi was caught off guard, then she tapped on the insulated box with a fork and pointed at the colorful dumplings as she said, “Isnt this my birthday present”

What an extravagant birthday present!

He was already practically handing her the powerful position as his wife on a silver platter, so asking for a birthday present would be too greedy, wouldnt it

Although, she didnt want any birthday present at all.

“And me!” Mu Feichi pounded his chest again and said, “Ill package myself for you.”

“Eh, Im not interested in raw flesh soaked in disinfectant alcohol.”

“Since you dont want it, then have this.”

With that, he took out a pink phone from the pocket of his jacket and handed it to her.

Feeling a little dazed, Yun Xi glanced at the phone hed handed over.

In this era, phones were still quite expensive.

Unlike in the era when shed died when phones were everywhere, where even children were holding the latest high-tech phones in their hands and playing games on them.

In this era, the most commonplace phones cost 3,000 to 4,000 yuan.

With her mothers selfish and stingy temperament, no way would she ever get her a phone.

When she was in college in her last life, old man Jiang had given her a phone.

“This has the latest GPS system that our department has just researched.

You can record things, take pictures, or surf the Internet.

It has more security settings than mobile phones that are on the market.

It will be convenient for you.”

“I cant take it.

If my parents ask me where it came from, what will I say I cant afford it on my own.”

“Then why dont you cheat your dad and use his money to make it seem as if you bought this phone with that money Cant you be a little smarter”

Yun Xi just remembered that that morning her father had promised her a birthday present.

Nice timing.

She can tell him that she has bought a phone, and she will be able to cheat him to get a sum of money from him.

“Okay! Thank you, Young Marshal Mu!”

She did think a phone would make her life more convenient.

While eating the dumplings, Yun Xi turned and glanced at him.

“Your wound has opened, so how will you crawl back out of the window”

“I wont leave tonight.

Please accept me for the night.”

Then he kicked off his boots, lifted the quilt, and got in the bed.

Yun Xi gave him an angry look, gritted her teeth, and blurted out, “Why dont you ask my parents if you can adopt me”

“Would you raise me”

“…” Shed really shot herself in the foot.

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