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Chapter 321: We Would Have as Much Time to Torture Each Other as Wed Need

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“You stop right there! Have I said you could go”

With an expression of dissatisfaction, Jiang Henglin stood in front of her with a condescending, arrogant attitude.

“Second Young Master Jiang, if you have anything else to say, hurry up and say it.

And then get lost after you finish talking.”

“Whats with your attitude How dare you talk to me like this”

At first, he had simply been angry that Yun Xi hadnt begged him for help.

Now her arrogant, impatient attitude was like fuel kindling his violent temper.

“Jiang Henglin, Im not Yun Ziling.

Im not weak and submissive, so I will not forsake my dignity to beg others for things.

Besides, I didnt ask for your help, and you didnt help.

What is making you lose your temper right now Do you think I was wrong not to ask you for help”

It was impossible to communicate normally with this spoiled brat.

Did he simply want her to prostate herself in front of him No way that was going to happen!

If he wanted someone submissive and fragile, he should go to Yun Ziling.

Whatever he did was only going to backfire on him now.

She didnt have the time to deal with this kind of violent-tempered young man.

“Also, I thought you liked Yun Ziling.

I didnt stop the two of you.

If you really like her so much, I can go and explain things to Grandpa Jiang.

Ill ask him to cancel our previous engagement, since we dont like each other anyway.

Id rather never see your face again.”

“Why do you think you get to cancel the engagement because you want to.

I wont let you get your way.”

Looking at her proudly, Jiang Henglin sneered as if he had found a way to exact revenge on her.

“The more you want to cancel our engagement, the more I wont let you.

It would be nice to keep you tied up.

We would have as much time to torture each other as wed need in the future.”

“How mentally retarded of you!”

This mentally deranged Young Master was simply being willfully unreasonable.

She didnt want to bother to talk nonsense with him any more, so she turned around and walked directly into her school.

Behind her, thinking that he had found a way to turn the tables, Jiang Henglin smiled triumphantly.

After Li Sinuo was blackmailed into admitting the truth about the false rumors, the atmosphere in the classroom became very tense.

When others saw Li Sinuo, they took detours, and, occasionally, one or two of the more courageous students would deliberately scold her.

Yun Xi pretended not to see what was going on and continued to study.

At lunchtime that day, Zhao Yumo rushed to her classroom to find her.

Yun Xi was shocked when she saw her downcast appearance.

“Whats wrong Did you get hit or did you fight with someone”

Looking depressed, Zhao Yumo sat down and started crying and complaining.

“Yun Xi, can I make a change”

“What What change”

“Jiang Chenghuan isnt even human!”

“Is he bullying you” Yun Xi stepped forward and checked her out.

She was making sure that there was no major problem, and it was just some soreness caused by excessive exercise.

“That guy is simply a devil! He looks so carefree but hes actually very sadistic! The training on Saturday and Sunday was a complete living hell, and I have bruises all over my body.

Who said he would be gentle Hes like Satan when he gets serious about stuff.

How frightening!”

Listening to Yumos incoherent complaints about Jiang Chenghuans “hellish training”, Yun Xi couldnt help but smile.

“I told you a long time ago that he isnt simple.

You probably didnt take it seriously, did you”

“How could I know that hes so terrible Hes not at all like the playboy I first saw!”

“Hes a person whos survived being at the brink of death.

He knows better than you how to protect oneself no matter what.”

Just like Yun Xi was now.

She was no longer as soft-hearted, cowardly, and fragile as she had been in her previous life.

She wouldnt be merciful toward anyone who tried to step on her.

“Really” Zhao Yumo raised her head in surprise.

“I thought he was just hiding his true potential.”

“Follow him and learn! Its nothing if you endure a little bit of hardship, and he is willing to teach you so that you can better yourself.”

“I see! I can bear this torture.”

Thinking of her goals, Zhao Yumo felt her ambition become ignited.

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