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Chapter 318: I Missed You

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After the audit crisis passed, Yun Yuanfengs lifestyle became much more extravagant than before.

The director of his company was investigated, but he had escaped by some fluke.

Now, Yun Yuanfengs chances of becoming a director had gotten much greater.

Jiang Henglin had waited for several days, but Yun Xi hadnt come to beg him for help.

Feeling angry, he went to her school to find out why.

But right at that same time, Yun Xi had asked the teacher for a leave of absence.

Shed gone directly to Mu Feichis training base on Tianyu Mountain.

At the base, Yun Xi had found a man wearing a black jacket, black trousers, and black military boots sitting waiting for her with a black notebook on the desk in front of him.

His chiseled face was very handsome, but his skin seemed much paler than that of ordinary people, making him look almost like a vampire.

When she and Qi Yuan entered the room, his deep-set eyes fell on her coolly.

His eyes were eerily cold.

The temperature up in the mountains was very low anyway, and seeing such a sullen man reflexively made her feel threatened.

“Yun Xi, this is the technical expert of our special team, Gray Wolf.

Gray Wolf, this is Miss Yun Xi from the Yun family.”

Only then did Yun Xi find out that the man standing in front of her was the famous hacker, Gray Wolf.

She had an strong sense of admiration for hackers and programmers.

Different from the way she felt toward valiant, heroic soldiers, who she revered for their bravery, this reverence came from her admiration toward their genius.

Gray Wolf got up from his chair, only to find that the young girl was being followed by the Young Marshals pet, Great White.

Great White had never seemed very close to anyone.

He was as arrogant as his owner.

Since he was following this girl so obediently, the rumors hed heard about her seemed to be indeed true.

This young girl wasnt ordinary.

To be precise, a woman who the Young Marshal valued so much couldnt be ordinary.

Gray Wolf looked at Yun Xi and nodded slightly, keeping his cool, handsome face as expressionless as if he was playing poker.

“Yun Xi, Gray Wolf is an internationally renowned hacker.

He is both a programmer and a technical expert.

If youre interested, he can mentor you in anything you would like to learn.”

“Really Anything I want to learn about is fine” Yun Xi looked at Qi Yuan unexpectedly, then at the gloomy Gray Wolf.

Now that shed realized that he was probably an otaku, someone so obsessed with computers that they were lacking in social skills, she didnt think he was that intimidating anymore.

“Of course!” The marshal had given an order, so who would dare to disobey it

To quote the words of the Young Marshal, “instead of letting her go to the battlefield, it would be safer to let her command and control from behind the scenes.”

“Li Zilan is now on a mission with the Marshal, so you can spend your time learning from Gray Wolf for the time being!”

Qi Yuan glanced at Gray Wolf, then left directly.

Gray Wolf pointed to the desktop computer next to him and handed her the exercises he had prepared.

“You have 30 minutes to finish the exercises, and if you dont succeed, youll have to do it again.

The second time, youll only have 20 minutes to do it again, and the time will gradually decrease every time.

If you havent passed when the game is over, you can go back out and play with Li Zilan.”

His instructions had been delivered in a deadpan voice, but Yun Xi felt a strong sense of pressure.

“All right!” She nodded, turned, and sat down in the chair.

Sure enough, geniuses are very difficult.

Their first requirement is dont suffer fools.

Because she wasnt familiar with the exercise, she didnt pass in the first 30 minutes and the program automatically restarted.

This was a simple game of passing the level, where she had three chances to determine the outcome.

The second time she got started, shed had more experience.

However, at the very last moment, she didnt get out in time and had to start over again.

Trying to figure out some shortcuts, she pressed the timeout button, and then she took eight minutes to clear the level the last time she tried.

Just as she raised her head to report the good news to Gray Wolf, an instant video dialogue was imported onto the screen.

In the video, Mu Feichis handsome face appeared on the screen.

Looking straight at her, his deep eyes stared at the screen.

In his eyes, there was surprise, as well as unabashed pride.

“Yes, you exited in eight minutes.

Gray Wolf, you lost the bet, so you have to teach her now.”

“Yes, Marshal!” Gray Wolf glanced at Yun Xi, then stood up and said, “You guys talk, and Ill get you the information.”

Great White heard his owners voice and lay his head on the table and stared at the screen.

Yun Xi patted Great Whites head and gazed at the man across from her.

She hadnt expected that she would be able to connect with him so directly if she succeeded in breaking through the barrier.

They were clearly testing her.

“Young Marshal, were you testing me or playing me for a fool”

“Cant you see that I missed you Thats why I did all of this.”

Its because I wanted to see you, thats why Ive set this up.

Yun Xi couldnt help but roll her eyes.

She wanted to tell him that he didnt have to beat around the bush if he wanted to see her.

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