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Chapter 315: Im Impressed by You!

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There were only two classes on Thursday afternoon, and most of the remaining class time was given to the students to study by themselves.

Yun Xi let Yang Lu spread the word early in the morning that the principal had only given her until Friday to prove her innocence.

It was Thursday today, so seeing her up to nothing at this moment, Li Sinuo probably felt smug.

Sure enough, after getting out of the self-study class, most of their classmates rushed to eat and go home, but, seemingly in no hurry, Li Sinuo organized her desk.

She also deliberately approached Yun Xi, smugly gloating over her misfortunes.

She glowered at Yun Xi condescendingly.

“I heard that the principal asked you to clear up the rumors circulating throughout the school by Friday.

I am very curious, how will you prove yourself innocent With you having so many men wrapped around your fingers, even if you prove your innocence, do you think anyone will believe you”

Leaning against the back of her chair, Yun Xi raised her head lazily as she looked at Li Sinuo, who had absolutely no idea that she was about to be digging her own grave.

The term dim-witted was a perfect way to describe people like her.

Yang Lu was hot-tempered and couldnt hold back upon hearing the nasty things that Li Sinuo said.

“Li Sinuo, why are you so despicable and shameless What has Yun Xi done for you to try to frame her like this”

“I framed her Do you have any evidence Yang Lu, its better to think before you speak!”

Yun Xi held Yang Lu back, and she looked at Li Sinuo with a half-hearted smile, “Prove my innocence Who said I wanted to prove my innocence”

She had never intended to prove her innocence from the beginning.

Because she never wasted her efforts on anything so useless and idiotic.

She had been following Li Sinuo home after class for the past few days.

Although shed returned without success, shed also noticed some things that didnt quite fit.

She hadnt ever paid much attention to people like Li Sinuo, but it was easy to find many problems with her after careful observation.

For example, in terms of the brands of the clothes and shoes she wore, she had to admit that she was very cautious in this regard.

Her clothes and shoes were all from low-priced brands, but it was obvious that the snow boots on her feet had been very expensive.

Along with those photos that Qi Yuan had given her this morning, everything had started to make sense.

“Li Sinuo, you say that I have a boyfriend, but thats news to me.

After all, Im still young, so those wealthy heirs and prominent figures who have been photographed with me would be sentenced to jail if they really did have sexual relations with a minor such as me.

Do you think theyre dumb enough to do such a thing Yes, one of the photographed men is my fiance, who I got engaged to when I was still a baby, so I cant dissociate myself from that relationship.”

“So what” Li Sinuo sneered.

“How slutty of you to be so promiscuous even after getting engaged.”

“Whether or not Im slutty is my business.

Its just that Im not yet an adult.

However, youre an adult.

I remember that you got held back a year, right Youre 19 years old this year”

“What do you mean” Li Sinuo thought she was going to talk about her getting held back, and her face suddenly fell.

“You failed the college entrance examination last year and repeated your grade level this year.

In fact, you know very clearly why you failed the college entrance examination last year.

I have learned a bit of medical knowledge.

You had an abortion at the age of 18, and thats really harmful to the body.

Im impressed by you for being able to endure the college entrance examination.”

“You…” Li Sinuos face paled when Yun Xi mentioned this.

Her hands trembled in anger as she clutched her bag, and she gritted her teeth as she glared at Yun Xi.

Her voice suddenly grew shrill.

“What nonsense are you talking about! Yun Xi, youd better be careful about what you say! If you frame and slander me, even if the principal and our homeroom teacher defend you, I wont let it go.”

“I am responsible for what I say! Im not a person who isnt responsible.

Im actually very curious.

Its quite amazing that you can come up with this plan to slander others at your age.

If you didnt have deep personal experience, how could you think of such a vicious scheme”

With that said, Yun Xi pulled out a few photos from her textbook and placed them on the desk.

“Who are the man and woman in the picture Youre not blind, so you can clearly see that, right You sold yourself to him during the time of the college entrance examination last year for your college tuition.

Unfortunately, God didnt bless you, and you got pregnant.

You were worried about getting exposed, and you used the money he gave you to get an abortion.

You didnt pass the college entrance examination not because you were sick, but because you went to get an abortion.”

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