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Chapter 311: Being Unpredictable Involves the Highest Level of Mastery

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Zhao Yumo turned her head and looked at Yun Xi.

She couldnt muster a smile anymore.

“Yun Xi, can I change my mentor”

“No.” Yun Xi shook her head.

“He is the heir of the Jiang family.

With him as your ally, would your uncle dare to bully you”

“But hell torture me if Im his apprentice!”

“Dont worry.

If he ever lays a hand on you, Ill turn it into an artifact.

If his third leg ever dares to touch you…”

“…” Zhao Yumo wasnt simpleminded, and she naturally understood what the so-called third leg referred to.

Blushing, she purposely glanced at Jiang Chenghuans private parts.

Jiang Chenghuans face got dark red, and he shot her a furious look.

He turned around and sat down and crossed his legs to hide his private parts.

“Third Bro, take care of your little fox.

Shes getting lascivious!”

“D*mn it! This girl speaks without any hesitation, but you put all the blame on me.

Arent I the innocent one”

“Thats enough,” Mu Feichi said as he glanced at Yun Xi meaningfully, before he turned and looked at Zhao Yumo.

“There are two options.

Either let your second uncle take over the Zhao family, or you can learn how to navigate the business world from Jiang Chenghuan and take over the Zhao family in the future.

Whether or not you accept this offer is your own business.

If Yun Xi didnt consider you as a friend, do you really think that you have the connections to make such a request of the head of the Jiang family”

“I…I didnt mean anything…”

Upon being told off like this by Mu Feichi, Zhao Yumo immediately lost her self-assurance.

She had had an shadowy experience when she had first met Jiang Chenghuan.

Shed met him at a banquet where he took two women straight to a hotel before the banquet was even over.

Everyone knew what they were going to do in a hotel, and it wouldve been fine if it had been just one woman, but taking two women was way too much, right

Because of this, she didnt have a very good impression of the Jiang familys new heir.

He was a philandering playboy, and she didnt understand what he could possibly teach her

But it was true that she alone was no match against those cunning old foxes like her Second Uncle and Aunt.

She didnt have two choices, but no choice at all.

Upon seeing her hesitation, Yun Xi patted her on the shoulder.

“Believe me, Young Master Jiang will be a very good mentor.

He only uses his playboy image as a facade in order to strengthen his position as the heir.

He wants other people to think that he is a brainless, simpleminded playboy.”

Upon hearing what Yun Xi said, Zhao Yumo raised her head and frowned as she looked at the frivolous man sitting across from her.

“Everyone has many faces, and which face you show depends on the person youre talking to.

Wouldnt it be difficult for you to deal with your uncles and aunts It would be a lot easier for him to deal with them.

Being unpredictable involves the highest level of mastery.”

She didnt need to explain it anymore.

Zhao Yumo was a smart person and would understand what she was insinuating.

After thinking about it for a moment longer, Zhao Yumo nodded and agreed readily.

“Okay, I agree! But theres no way youre teaching me without conditions, so tell me what you want.”

“Hey!” Jiang Chenghuan snorted proudly.

“I have no shortage of money or women.

From now on, stay by my side and be my servant.”

Such an arrogant little brat.

If he didnt tame her, it would cost him much in the future.

“Youre making me into a servant who works for free”

“Do I seem as if I have a shortage of servants You were suspicious and worried that I was plotting against you and asked me to make a request.

I mentioned it, and then you were displeased.”

“Shut up!” Yun Xi felt helpless when she saw these two fiery-tempered people bickering nonstop.

“Yumo, you have to remember that he is the person in charge of the Jiang family.

If you dont agree with him, then try to defeat him with your strength.

You cant solve any problems by just glaring and bickering, understand”

“I know…” She was unwilling to give up her family inheritance like this and be bullied by her Second Uncle.

If she wanted to fight back, she had to pick herself up and do whatever it took.

He was just a playboy, so why should she be afraid of him

On the first day of his mentorship, Jiang Chenghuan had all the tattoos on Zhao Yumos body removed, and she realized that she was being properly served.

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