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Chapter 308: Greatest Status Humiliation of His Life

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At this moment, Han Yaotian regretted bringing these two girls to such a nice restaurant.

They should have gone to eat cheap street food somewhere.

At least he wouldnt have been so embarrassed.

At least in that kind of place, no one would have known him so it wouldnt have mattered even if he had been embarrassed.

Originally, hed thought that he could patiently teach them how to eat Western-style cuisine.

But, after watching their ridiculous antics, he definitely wasnt in the mood to do so.

Now, all he hoped was that these two country bumpkins would quickly finish eating so they could leave.

It would be twice as embarrassing if they bumped into some of his acquaintances.

But sadly God wasnt standing by his side, and what he didnt want to happen the most actually happened.

After receiving a call from Qi Yuan, Mu Feichi drove Jiang Chenghuan to the Western-style restaurant and was amused to be able to enjoy great drama as soon as he walked in.

He looked at the sly girl who had deliberately reversed the order of her knife and fork, trying to cut her steak as she was playing her role as a country bumpkin.

He immediately knew that his little fox was playing the role impeccably.

He understood right away that these two little foxes were playing Han Yaotian for a fool by pretending to have just arrived from the country.

He was really impressed by how good they had been at embarrassing Han Yaotian and making him feel so awkward.

Jiang Chenghuan burst out laughing as he patted Mu Feichi on the shoulder.

“Third brother, your darling is so funny! I really want to borrow her to have some fun…”

Before he could finished speaking, Mu Feichi had shot daggers at him, so Jiang Chenghuan shut his mouth.

He had only been kidding.

What kind of man would dare covet Mu Feichis woman

Wouldnt he be digging his own grave

Mu Feichi snorted coldly.

“If you want to play, the other one is more suitable for you.”

“…” As soon as Jiang Chenghuan had come in, hed noticed the girl sitting next to Yun Xi.

She also seemed to be a champion at playing the role of a country bumpkin.

Her acting had just the right amount of dramatics.

It hit a nerve with him.

He watched how she stayed in her role without ever breaking character.

It seemed as if she had been properly trained.

Perhaps she had the potential to surpass her master in the future.

“I havent even passed on my genes yet, so Im not in a hurry to dig my own grave.

I wouldnt dare lay hands on your beloved darling.”

Mu Feichi snorted coldly, turned his head, and walked toward their table.

As soon as Yun Xi raised her eyes, she saw the figure of Mu Feichi walking toward them.

The fork she was holding in her hand hit the plate with a clank.

Zhao Yumo, who had been struggling with her dessert, raised her head when she heard the sound.

At her first sight of Mu Feichis astonishingly handsome face, she lost her cool.

“Ah, ah…Mu, Young Marshal Mu!”

Yun Xi turned her head abruptly and pulled at her arm.

“Calm down! Calm down! Be quiet!”

The mention of Young Marshal Mus name immediately made Han Yaotian snap back to reality.

He immediately turned his head to look at the person who was coming up behind him.

Upon clearly seeing that it was indeed Young Marshal Mu, he stood up quickly and plastered a sycophantic smile on his face.

Just as he was about to speak, Mu Feichi interrupted him.

Mu Feichi stood at the table contemptuously, without even a glance at Han Yaotian, and stared at Yun Xi without blinking.

His cold voice asked, “Are you finished eating”

Yun Xi shook her head.

“No, it doesnt taste good…”

Mu Feichi glanced at her plate, and Yun Xi quickly explained, “The meat isnt cooked properly.

Im afraid of eating it.”

She wasnt afraid of embarrassing herself in front of Mu Feichi.

After all, he had seen her eat Western-style cuisine before, so he knew she wasnt unaware of the etiquette.

Yes, he knew she was doing this on purpose.

“Since it doesnt taste good, then lets change places and go to Jinding.”

“Okay!” Yun Xi nodded, then stood up and dragged Zhao Yumo with her.

She had a starry-eyed expression in her eyes.

Han Yaotian was afraid of missing any chance to social climb, so he quickly seized the opportunity to speak, “Young Marshal Mu, what brings you here…we…”

“Lets go!” Ignoring Han Yaotian, Mu Feichi spoke coldly and turned away.

Yun Xi quickly dragged Zhao Yumo to follow behind Mu Feichi.


Han, thank you for your hospitality, but I really cant eat this Western-style cuisine.”

She didnt say good-bye to him.

She just dragged Zhao Yumo away with her.

“You…” When Han Yaotian saw that she had abandoned him like this, his face grew sulky and he could hardly suppress the stomach full of anger that he felt toward her.

D*mn it! Shallow show-offs!

After Mu Feichi had mentioned Jinding, both of the girls had run away.

It was definitely an insult to him.

Jinding…he had to make an appointment ten days or even two weeks ahead to get into that place.

A person like Mu Feichi could go whenever he liked.

Status determined the treatment one received.

In front of Mu Feichi, Han Yaotian had suffered the greatest status humiliation of his life.

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