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Chapter 301: The Tyrants Beloved Baby

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Yun Xi patted Great Whites head, and she stood up, raising her eyes to glance at Jiang Chenghuan.

She really couldnt understand his style of fashion.

He was always dressed in flashy, gaudy clothing that was even more ostentatious than a womans.

A normal man wouldnt dress in this way.

However, he looked even better than male models on a runway.

She didnt know how he did it.

It was incredible!

This chameleons camouflage skills were superb.

Yun Xi looked at him for a while, then, as if implying sympathy for an illness, she sighed slightly.

“Young Master Jiang, sometimes I think that your life isnt as easy as it seems.”

“Little Yun Xi, what do you mean by this” Jiang Chenghuan adjusted his flashy coat and smiled at her mischievously.

“Its nothing.

Its just that seeing you wear a mask every day to deal with so many people who roll their eyes at you seems so mentally exhausting.”

Jiang Chenghuan seemed to be caught off guard, then smiled and patted her on the shoulder.

“Why are you so thoughtful at such a young age With a golden goose like Young Marshal Mu, you could have whatever you want, settle accounts with whoever you want easily, right”

“…” He had changed the subject so intentionally that Yun Xi suddenly didnt know how to answer him.

“Like the fight yesterday… A simple word from you was enough to make people go fight for you without even asking why.

When you let this man spoil you so much that you can practically fight without using your own hands and walk without using your own legs, you have won! All the women in Jingdu are going to become jealous and resentful of you.

How gratifying!”

“I understand your metaphor about fighting without using my own hands, but what on earth do you mean by walking without my own legs”

In her previous life, walking without using ones own legs was usually used to describe how fathers spoiled their daughters by carrying them wherever they went.

This was probably not a compliment when Jiang Chenghuan said it.

Jiang Chenghuan was about to explain further when Mu Feichis voice came from behind him.

“Its cold outside.

What are you all standing around out here for Come on in!”

He said this to Yun Xi and Jiang Chenghuan, who quickly made a gentlemans gesture toward Yun Xi, inviting her to go in first.

If he had dared to enter the house first, that foolish tyrant would definitely have kicked him in the head.

In the cold weather, hed left his beloved darling outside in the yard while they chatted happily.

It didnt matter if he suffered a little cold, but if something happened to that girl, he would definitely make him pay.

They entered the warm, cozy home.

Because the Mu Mansion was built on the top of the mountain, the temperature was much lower than at the foot of the mountain.

However, the indoor heating was very well done.

The wooden floor had underfloor heating, and they felt the touch of warmth immediately.

The central ventilation system changed the air every hour, so the air wouldnt feel stuffy even if one was in there all day long.

The housekeeper took a pair of white wool plush slippers from the shoe cabinet for Yun Xi.

“Miss Yun, you may wear these.

Young Marshal Mu has just bought them, but I dont know if they will fit you.”

Yun Xi was a little intrigued that Mu Feichi would actually buy something so girly.

She was very surprised.

Jiang Chenghuan glanced at the girly slippers and sneered.

“I cant stand this forcible, oppressive PDA!”

“…” Yun Xi could understand the insinuations of his words, but she had to pretend not to understand.

This kind of romantically ambiguous topic, whether she answered or not, would only make her feel embarrassed.

After Yun Xi had put on her slippers, the housekeeper wiped the dirt off Great Whites feet.

Only then were they all allowed to go into the living room.

Mu Feichi came out of the kitchen holding a cup in his hand and handed it to Yun Xi.

Taking the cup, Yun Xi got a whiff of the strong scent of chocolate.

She held the warm cup of hot chocolate in her hand.

It not only warmed her hands, but also made her feel warm inside.

“Hey, what about me” Jiang Chenghuan saw that he had made a cup of hot chocolate for his beloved baby, yet had completely ignored him.

Without even looking at him, Mu Feichi turned and walked to the sofa to sit down.

Feeling like the odd man out, Jiang Chenghuan took a deep breath, “Butler, give me some dog food!”

“Huh Second Young Master, there is no dog food here.

Would you like some of the food that Great White eats”

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