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Chapter 300: Courtesy

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As they were leaving school, Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo saw a car parked outside the school gates.

Qi Yuan was standing by the cars door.

Yun Xi froze for a moment, then quickly dragged Zhao Yumo over to talk with Qi Yuan.

“Why are you here Is it…” She really wanted to ask if the Zhao familys housekeeper had been taken care of.

Qi Yuan moved his chin and pointed toward the inside of the car.

“Get in the car, and Ill take Miss Zhao home now.”

“Okay.” Yun Xi nodded and opened the car door to see the housekeeper sitting inside.

Upon seeing Zhao Yumo, you would have thought that the housekeeper had seen her savior.

She lunged toward Zhao Yumo and begged for mercy.

“Miss, I really didnt mean to do anything wrong.

I was following the second young masters orders.

He made me do this! Please dont let them send me to jail.

My son is in college, and I needed the money.

I had no choice but…”

Upon seeing the housekeeper, Zhao Yumo looked at her disdainfully and hid behind Yun Xi.

“Stay back! Otherwise, well take you to jail right now.” Yun Xi threatened her coldly.

The housekeeper anxiously looked toward Yun Xi, whose childish face appeared domineering and cold.

Despite her young age, she had an intimidating aura.

She turned back to look at Zhao Yumo for help once again.

Upon seeing that Zhao Yumo didnt respond, she trembled and fell back against the seat.

After getting in the car, Yun Xi turned to her and took out a packet of medicine from her bag.

“Its very simple for you to get off the hook.

You just need to change the old mans medicine to this new medicine Ill give you and pretend as if nothing has happened.

If the second young master asks you to find a new doctor, you can say that these medicines can be bought in any pharmacies.

No need to ask a doctor, which would be a waste of money.

Do you understand”

The housekeeper took the package of medicine, trembling.

“Yes, I understand.”

“Go back to the house.

When no one is around, take advantage of the opportunity to change the medicines.

If you get caught, you will have to figure it out by yourself.”

“No, I wont get caught.”

“Thats good! If the old man wakes up, you should find an excuse to take him downstairs to breathe some fresh air.

You dont need me teaching you how to make excuses, right”

“I understand.

I know how to convince the master.”

Yun Xi nodded and turned to look at Zhao Yumo.

“Yumo, seize this chance to get home while your second uncle is away.

If the old man wakes up, tell him what has happened.

He is weak now, and these medicines will replenish his vitality.

It will probably take a while before the effects of the medicine kick in.

During this period, tell the old man to play along and dont expose yourselves.”

“I know what to do.”

“Everything has to wait until the old man gets better.

Do you think you can handle it”

“Dont worry, I can handle it.

Its never too late to get revenge.

I dont have the ability to compete with them yet, but when I become an adult next year, I will inherit the Zhao familys fortune.

Then I will slowly settle accounts with them.”

Yun Xi smiled at her.

“Those who make big decisions must also be able to withstand the storms.

Now that you have important responsibilities on your shoulders, you must know how to carry them.

Be careful during this time, and dont fall behind in your studies.”

“I know all of this inside of me.

Dont underestimate me.

Im not as fragile as you think I am.”

Yun Xi remembered that children from prominent families were rarely simpleminded, so she supposed that she had worried too much about Zhao Yumo.

After taking Zhao Yumo home, Qi Yuan took Yun Xi to the Mu Mansion because Mu Feichi wanted to see her.

She had originally thought that Mu Feichi was going to be alone, but as soon as she stepped into the courtyard, she saw Jiang Chenghuan desperately trying to please Great White.

Great White had become accustomed to his masters temperament, so he ignored Jiang Chenghuans attempts to please him.

When Great White heard the sound of a car, he raised his head.

When he saw that it was her, he quickly got up and rushed over.

“Ill be d*mned!” Dumbfounded, Jiang Chenghuan stared at Great White, who was snuggling in Yun Xis arms.

He had a look of awe, envy, and resentment on his face.

“How come this rascal is just like its owner and doesnt hold back at all toward beauties Where is your courtesy”

Jiang Chenghuan glanced at the endearing Great White disdainfully and muttered to himself, “I dont think you have any manners anyway!”

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