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Chapter 287: You Are Really Pigheaded!

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As he got to the door, Great White turned his head and stared at Mu Feichi one more time.

His eyes dripped with contempt and really made Mu Feichi feel as if he had been stabbed in the heart.

At this moment, Great White was saying to himself, “I dont like having such an insensitive master.

Besides, he was the one who said that she is also my mistress!”

Mu Feichi couldnt help feeling robbed as he stared at Great White leaving the room.

He smiled helplessly and then took out his phone and called to ask someone to prepare a car to take Yun Xi to the forest where she did her training with Li Zilan.

As the studys door closed with a click, the gentle expression on Mu Feichis face gradually changed.

There was a document in his drawer.

He looked down at it for a moment, then finally pushed the drawer closed again.

Coming downstairs, Yun Xi squatted down and patted Great White, who had followed closely behind her.

“Im leaving now.

You cant follow me, or else I wont take you out to play next time Im here.”

Great White rubbed his nose on Yun Xis leg with a look of dismay and scratched at her with his paws.

He was trying to tell her that he didnt want her to go.

“Hey, Ill play with you another day.

I promise.” Yun Xi glanced at the butler who had come out of the kitchen and said her good-byes to him too, as she handed off Great White to him.

It wasnt until the sun was almost setting that Yun Xi headed home from the mountain.

After such a busy day, she was a little tired, but she knew there was going to be a good show waiting for her at home.

After calling her home number from the sentry post, the housekeeper had told her that her parents were home, and the situation was quite tense.

Since things didnt look so good, there was only one possibility.

Her mother had come home from the Jiangs family house empty-handed.

On her trip home, Yun Xi reflected on what she was going to do before stepping into the house.

“Mom and Dad, Im back!”

As soon as shed stepped into the living room, Yun Yuanfeng stood up and looked at Yun Xi nervously, as if he had placed all his remaining hopes on her.

“Yun Xi, how did things go when you went to the Chen familys house to dine with the old Madame today Did you see Mr.


Yun Xi nodded.

“I didnt go to the Chen familys house.

The old Madames family had gone to eat at Jinding, and the eldest son took me there.

I didnt expect them to be having a family meal.

The whole family was there, so I didnt dare speak about anything private.”

“The whole family was there” Yun Yuanfeng was startled.

“Did you see the second and third young masters of the Chen family”

Yun Xi nodded.

“It was a family feast, so they were all there.”

Upon hearing Yun Xis words, Yun Yuanfeng trembled.

He couldnt contain his excitement.

“You saw all three of the young masters of the Chen family! Even the most affluent people in Jingdu might never be in a position to meet them.

You have had such good luck.”

“I was also very surprised.

They were both elders and prominent people of distinguished status.

I really didnt dare speak about anything personal, for fear of saying something wrong that could cause trouble for the family.”

“It doesnt matter if you said something wrong, the old Madame likes you very much.

Theyre not going to hold a child like you accountable.”

Yun Yuanfeng spoke extremely proudly.

It was almost as if he had been there with Yun Xi.

His daughter was so impressive! He acted as if he could reflect in her glory.

Yun Xi tugged at the corners of her mouth and smiled, then changed the subject.

“Didnt Mom go to the Jiang familys house today How did it go Is the Jiang family willing to come forward to help you”

It would have been all right if she hadnt mentioned it, but now that she had, Yun Yuanfeng became angry once again.

Liang Xiuqin was already at the stage where she could barely suppress her rage.

Now she went all out and vented her rage at Yun Xi.

“Whether the Jiang family is willing to help or not has nothing to do with you.

You dont have to worry about it!”

“Im worried for Dad, all right”

“Whats the use of you worrying about your dad, since its not as if you can help with anything!”

As soon as Yun Xi had returned, shed gloated about her good news with the Chen family.

Yun Yuanfengs smiles had been impossible for her to swallow.

“Since you saw everyone in the Chen family, why didnt you talk to them about your dad All those wealthy businessmen in one room, they couldve solved the issue easily.”

When Yun Yuanfeng heard this, he actually got amused.

Liang Xiuqin actually made him laugh.

“Dont you think this is embarrassing enough You really want to mention this in front of so many people I might be the first one they investigate! You are really pigheaded.”

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