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Chapter 286: Stop Teasing Me!

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If you wanted to find someone who looked fit and muscular without their clothes on, Mu Feichi would definitely be a representative figure.

He had sexy abs and a six-pack.

His skin glowed with a golden tan that was evidence of how much time he had spent outdoors in the elements.

But now…he was covered by a jarring red rash.

Even with the rash, however, he still looked like a sexy hunk that any woman would find hard to resist.

Yun Xi frowned and blushed.

Then she grabbed a large handful of cotton balls, dipped them in the medicine, and began to rub his back.

He had asked her to take care of him.

How she would do it depended on her mood.

Mu Feichi seemed to be enjoying himself immensely.

Sitting sideways on a chair, he appeared to be in a great mood.

“I heard that your dad has experienced some troubles recently.”

Mu Feichi mentioned this casually.

Yun Xi stopped what she was doing for a moment.

“Someone allegedly came to investigate one of his projects.

As you know, his company employs a large number of people, and there are lots of opportunities to earn a shady income.

If they really start to investigate all that businesss goings-on, I dont think anybody is going to end up happy.”

“I dont think you really know what youre talking about.

However, if you ask me for help, nothing serious will happen to your dad.”

Yun Xi snorted softly.

“Im not in any hurry.

My mother is now taking Yun Ziling to seek out Jiang Henglins help with my dads problems.

I will ask for your help after they fail.

My dad wont be grateful for your help if its too easy to get.”

Her dad will only use and reuse, and he wont remember her good deeds.

“The Jiang family wont help him.

Once the Jiang family gets involved in this matter, anyone related to the Jiang family would also be implicated.

No matter how stupid Jiang Henglin is, he wont drag his father and the rest of his family into trouble.”

“So, if my mother wants to cause trouble, then let her cause trouble.

It will save me from trouble.”

Mu Feichi chuckled lightly.

“Want to know who did this”

“Huh” Yun Xi paused, thought about it carefully, and then made a guess.

“I guess it couldnt be anyone but the Han family.

I made Han Wanling look like a laughingstock, so I guess she figures that if she doesnt exact her revenge, I will actually look down on her.”

“Ive already explained to you that before taking down the Han family, we must first prop up a family that can compete with the other three major clans in order to maintain a balance.

You dont seem to want me to support the Yun family.

Why is that”

Yun Xi sneered and giggled.

“The Yun family What a joke! My dad is a no-do-gooder, and my second uncle is not in good health.

Although my third uncle is in the business world, he cant avoid getting into messes.

The Yun family is far behind other families.”

She was absolutely positive that no one in a position of authority in the Yun family at this time could control the overall situation.

And she was still too young now.

So even if she had ambitions, she wouldnt be able to have enough power at this age to convince people that she was in charge.

“I thought you would be happy at my offer to help your father.”

“Young Marshal Mu, please dont betray me.”

“Your fathers business…”

“Dont interfere in this matter.

I can handle it.”

“What are you going to do Ask Chen Yichen”

“I have my own way of doing things.

Ill talk to you about it when the time comes.”

“You are not allowed to go to Chen Yichen.

The Chen family is in an awkward situation right now, so they cant help you.”

“I know.

I wont do anything now.

The problem is going to resolve itself when the time comes.”

After finally finishing rubbing his back and his chest, she stopped.

The areas that remained were too intimate.

Since Yun Xi had never done anything so intimate in either of her lifetimes, she found this really embarrassing.

She stepped back and eyed this handsome man warily.

“Young Marshal Mu, I am finished waiting on you now.”

Without thinking, she threw the cotton balls directly into the bowl of medicine.

Mu Feichi raised his eyebrows, with a smile playing at the corners of his mouth.

“Why, you cant bear me anymore”

Yun Xi snorted softly, then replied with a look of disapproval, “You can wipe your private areas by yourself.”

With that, she turned and walked out.

“Where are you going”

“I have to go and find Boss Zilan.” It was too dangerous to stay with Mu Feichi.

“Great White, where do you think youre going”

Great White, who had stood up and was about to follow Yun Xi out of the room, turned his head and looked at Mu Feichi after hearing him yelling his name.

He seemed to have a haughty, disdainful expression on his face.

It was almost as if he was reprimanding Mu Feichi for trying to take advantage of Yun Xi in this way.

He turned his head back around and continued on out of the room.

“Get back here! Whos your master anyway!”

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