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Chapter 283: I Feel Hopeless as Well

After bantering with them for a while, Su Hang quickly got all the medicine together and took it over to them.

His suburban residence was close to the ranch, so it only took him ten minutes to get there.

However, when he saw what the medicine was that Yun Xi had prescribed for Jiang Chenghuan, Su Hang looked shocked.

“Nice job, kiddo.

This girl doesnt prescribe medicine for just anyone.

Moreover, the last time she prescribed medicine for the eldest heir, my dad said that her prescription formulas were priceless.

Not only were the medical ingredients extremely precise, but they were also extremely effective.

There is hope for your disease.”

“Really” Jiang Chenghuan didnt believe him.

He simply thought that he was exaggerating.

“If its really so priceless, then why didnt you go to study Chinese medicine”

“I had no choice because Im Young Marshal Mus personal doctor.

When treating men like him, Chinese medicine isnt as effective as Western medicine.

The profession requires specialty.

Chinese medicine is quite boring, and you have to have more than ten years foundation of knowledge.

Plus, its curative effect is slow, and many people dont believe in Chinese medicine anymore.

I originally studied Chinese medicine in order to inherit my fathers mantle, but I gave up and decided to learn Western medicine instead.

My knowledge of Chinese medicine is less than one-third of this girls, but I found that this girls Western medical knowledge is comparable to mine.”


“What are you two whispering about” Yun Xi stepped forward and took the sliced ginger that had been brought by Su Hang.

“Young Marshal Mu has had an allergic reaction.

I think we should go back.”

“Oh Why didnt you say so earlier! Has he taken any allergy medication”

“He has already.

However, the weather is getting dry, so allergy medication alone isnt effective.

When he gets home, the butler needs to brew Ginseng water for him to take orally.

It will heal quickly then.”

“Is that useful We all take Western medicine for allergies.”

“Scutellaria baicalensis contains the active ingredient baicalin, which inhibits the release of allergic mediators by inhibiting the enzymatic activation system of mast cells, thereby effectively inhibiting allergic reactions of types i, ii, and iv.

Moreover, scutellaria water can also reduce capillaries.

The permeability of blood vessels inhibits inflammation and relieves skin allergies such as congestion, flushing, exudation, and itching.”

After a pause, Yun Xi looked at Su Hang with an airy smile and said jokingly, “Doctor Su, if your dad knew how useless you were, he might use a whip on you.”

The Su family had been doctors for generations, and it was a pity that now, during Su Hangs generation, Western medicine was considered to be more effective while Chinese medicine was ignored.

Su Hang shrugged and spread his hands out, helpless.

“What can I do I feel hopeless as well.”

“Lets go!” Mu Feichi had changed his clothes.

Now, he dragged Yun Xi away.

Yun Xi waved her hands at everyone to say good-bye and left with Mu Feichi.

The three of them sighed all together.

Staring at the backs of those two people, Jiang Chenghuan thought of the most apt term: match made in heaven!

“Young Marshal Mu is raising her to be his wife” Jiang Chenghuan glanced at his two companions as he asked this.

“Everyone who isnt blind can see it! I guess youre a little bit slow.”


On the way back, Yun Xi asked about Jiang Chenghuan.

She was prepared for Mu Feichi not to answer her.

She was only worried about whether the medicine shed prescribed would be effective, since after all, she hadnt taken his pulse.

Her prescribing this medicine was a little risky, but she already vaguely had an understanding of his condition from Jiang Chenghuans demeanor.

She just wanted to verify it for her peace of mind.

“I thought you prescribed medicine for him because he told you about his condition.

Turns out you were guessing all along”

“Half intuition and half guessing! But that medicine is indeed for his specific symptoms.”

“In the year of his coming-of-age ceremony, his elders had planned to let him take over as the heir of the Jiang family.

When its a 300-year-old family and one of the three major clans in Jingdu, the first in succession would always be the eldest son and the eldest grandson.

His father is the second son of the old man, so he is actually the second in line.

His uncle, however, only has a daughter and an illegitimate child.

The illegitimate child cannot inherit the position, so this position fell on Jiang Chenghuan.

His uncle felt resentful because, although he is the eldest son, his illegitimate child couldnt inherit the position.

So when Jiang Chenghuan was studying abroad, his uncle hired several hitmen to hunt him down.”

“…” Yun Xi was stunned for a moment.

Who would have thought that Jiang Chenghuans life was even more dramatic than a corny film

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