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Chapter 282: His Most Proud Achievement

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Jiang Chenghuan heard Yun Xi reading off a long list of Chinese medical terms that he didnt understand.

Thinking that they were all for him, he was starting to feel nervous.

“Girl, are you planning to poison me”

“…” Yun Xi raised her head and gave him a blank look.

Mu Feichi also turned his head and gave him a look of incomprehension.

Yun Xi felt annoyed by Jiang Chenghuans distrust of her, which she took as contempt for her knowledge, so she said nonchalantly, “Young Marshal Mu, you can probably tell that his complexion isnt looking very good and his lips are dark red.

He probably has been having too much sexual activity, so his Qi and kidneys are weak, and he needs some supplements.”

Jiang Chenghuan sucked in his breath and glared at her.

“I…d*mn you! Girl, dont be so mean to me.”

If the two of them had been talking about this in private it would be no big deal, but she was talking about it in public.

So, no matter how much he enjoyed his philandering, Jiang Chenghuan felt somewhat ashamed.

Whats more, he was being made fun of by a young girl.

It was very humiliating.

His suave reputation was being demolished at the hands of this girl.

How devious! She was even more devious than Third Bro Mu!

Third Bro Mu was an expert, but this girl seemed even more devious than he was.

Her methods were much more ruthless.

“Well, then, I will have to take care of my health, lest some woman find me lying dead beside her in bed.

“It…it seems as if it is indeed true that people who enjoy each others company are usually of similar thoughts and habits.”

Jiang Chenghuan couldnt get the best of the two of them, so he turned to Huo Tingxiao for help.

“Boss, why dont you do something to help me”

Huo Tingxiao had closed his eyes to rest so that he wouldnt be pulled into their drama.

Now, he opened his eyes indifferently.

“You brought this upon yourself.

If she had no confidence in herself, would she dare prescribe medicine for you You should be grateful!”

“I…I was only joking…”

“Your disease is chronic, and this girl is doing this for your own good and not treating you like an outsider.”

Huo Tingxiaos words shut Jiang Chenghuan up.

He knew in his heart that this girl was indeed prescribing medicine for his own good.

However, there were so many medical-sounding ingredients, even hearing it sounded terrifying, let alone taking it.

Yun Xi stood up and handed Jiang Chenghuan the prescription.

“You will have to give up drinking and women for one month.”

“Huh” Jiang Chenghuan took the prescription but looked dumbfounded.

“Alcohol renders the medicine ineffective, so if you want to drink youll have to wait a month.

If your knee no longer hurts after the first snowfall in Jingdu, then it means your disease is basically cured.”

“How do you know my knee hurts I never mentioned it to you.”

He would have liked to think that this girl didnt know what she was talking about, but it was evident that this girl was more capable than anyone else hed talked to about his knee.

When Jiang Chenghuan said this about his knee, Huo Tingxiao and Mu Feichi also both looked at her with astonishment in their eyes.

Mu Feichi appeared proud and smug!

He was acting as if this young girl before him was his most proud achievement.

Her dazzling existence was the center of all his doting affection and adoration.

Few people knew about Jiang Chenghuans past injury.

Although his injury had healed, his knee hurt every year whenever it rained or snowed.

Sometimes it hurt so much that he had to take painkillers.

Everyone could tell that his complexion didnt look healthy, but if she could also tell that he had a bad knee, she must be extremely proficient in medicine.

Hed realized that this girl was impressive, but he hadnt expected her to be able to analyze his condition just from observation.

It was incredible.

“When normal people sit, they dont touch their knees from time to time.

This habit means that you have knee problems.”

When Yun Xi explained this to him, Jiang Chenghuan realized that his actions exposed his injury, so he must be more wary of his habits.

“The following is the formula for a medicinal wine.

Find someone to follow my formula and soak the medicine in a large glass wine jar for a month.

In the future, try to drink less strong alcohol.

If you really cant avoid drinking, you can bring your own medicinal wine.

There are many valuable medicinal materials inside it.

The cost shouldnt make any difference to you.”

Jiang Chenghuan looked at the list of medicinal materials with their serving sizes, up to the exact number of grams, clearly written on the back.

Her professionalism was completely serious.

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