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Chapter 278: Big Brother Will Take You Out for a Joyride

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Jiang Chenghuan pulled over the chair that had been brought by the waiter and sat down beside the old madame without any of the courteous restraints of an outsider.

“I came to see you to take you out for a meal.

But the butler told me that your entire family had come to Jingding, so I just came here.”

With that said, he deliberately glanced at the table full of elders, then stood up, and nodded at them one by one like a polite and proper, well-behaved boy.

Although no one could beat him as a womanizer, one couldnt pick any faults with his impeccable etiquette that he had learned through his genteel upbringing.

Yun Xi really admired this young playboy master even more now.

She really couldnt change her face as quickly as he could.

“Jiang, why are you really here”

Chen Yichen was very suspicious about his intentions in suddenly appearing at their family dinner.

Jiang Chenghuan raised his head and glared at him.

“How rude! Call me a second brother.”

Chen Yichen really didnt want to draw attention to his degenerate behavior, yet it bothered him that Jiang Chenghuan could always make all the elders present praise him.

Since childhood, Young Marshal Mu had always been beyond the reach of everyone in their group.

In the eyes of all the elders, he was the model child.

In the same way, Jiang Chenghuan, as the heir to one of the three most prominent families, had also been a role model for children in the eyes of their elders.

Whenever some of the elders in his family had compared him to Jiang Chenghuan, he had always felt resentful.

If he had been compared to Young Marshal Mu or the Huo familys heir, then it wouldnt have bothered him, but how could they compare him to such a womanizer

It so happened that the relationship between their two families was good, so growing up, he had had to tolerate this obnoxious persons existence.

Yun Xi silently stared at the expression on Shen Yichens face, then kicked him under the table, and whispered, “I didnt expect you to have a nemesis.”

Chen Yichen looked embarrassed.

“Dont say that.”

With Jiang Chenghuan there, the ambience in the room suddenly changed, and Yun Xi no longer felt so embarrassed and awkward.

He really freshened up the vibe, and everyone felt it.

Before the meal was served, the group of elders took turns asking Yun Xi about her academic performance and aspirations.

Yun Xi felt both honored and nervous to be noticed by so many elders all at once.

To her surprise, this group of elders didnt make things difficult for her, and they didnt act in a patronizing manner toward her because of their status.

It was only then that, for the first time, she realized that truly prominent families never treated people differently because of their status but valued ability and talent most of all.

After the stressful meal, Yun Xi felt that she had almost used up all her knowledge about proper etiquette.

After dinner, the elders all left, inviting Yun Xi to visit their homes in the future.

After finally sending the old madame and Mrs.

Chen out the door, Yun Xi felt greatly relieved.

She sat down on the stone steps at the entrance of the restaurant.

Chen Yichen also sat down, cocked his head, and glanced at her.

“Did you have to be so nervous I told you that they wouldnt eat you.”

“Eldest heir, I really want to cut off all ties with you.” Yun Xi turned her head and glared at him, biting her lip.

She was still fuming.

“Please dont hold a grudge.

May I apologize to you I promise there wont be a next time.”

Yun Xi chuckled softly.

Before they could continue talking, a head squeezed in between the two of them.

“Yo, what is going on here”

Jiang Chenghuan looked at Yun Xi on his left and at Chen Yichen on his right.

He pushed Chen Yichen to the side and sat down between them.

“Its not dark yet, so there are no stars to see.”

Jiang Chenghuan turned and looked at Yun Xi, ignoring Chen Yichens disdainful expression.

“Little Yun Xi, want to go out to have fun with me I will take you on a joyride through Jingdu.”

“…” Yun Xi showed him a blank expression.

She was completely disinterested.

“Dont be like that.

I feel very bored alone…”

“Then go to a nightclub and play with the young ladies.

They will be very happy to see you.”

“The nightclub doesnt open till night.

Lets go horse riding at the country club to pass the time this afternoon.”

Without giving Yun Xi a chance to refuse, Jiang Chenghuan stood up and said, “Lets go! Big brother will take you out for a joyride.”

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