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Chapter 276: Owing Her Was an Excuse to See Her

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Chen Yichen turned and glanced at Yun Xi.

He asked softly, “Are you in a bad mood”

“No, I just feel a little embarrassed.”

With such a group of relatives dragging her down, she knew that even though they disgusted her, she had to endure it.

Being born into such a family had obviously not been her choice, but she could choose how she wanted to live in the future.

“Dont feel ashamed.

I couldnt care less about these things.”

Chen Yichen chuckled lightly, turned the steering wheel, and headed in the other direction.

“Actually, when you get into my position, you find that many things are not as important as you once thought.”

“Thats because youve already gotten what you wanted.

For the have-nots, these things are what motivates them to work hard and are even their reasons for living.

“Getting something that you want means having to make sacrifices, especially if you want to get something that doesnt necessarily belong to you.

The effort you put in would be hundreds of times more than that of ordinary people.”

Chen Yichen raised his hand and touched Yun Xis head.

Then, he said with a smile, “Girl, find what suits you the best.

Once things become obsessions, they will eventually become your inner demons.”

“…” Yun Xi glanced at him, but didnt answer.

Chen Yichen was right.

Her mother had been doing everything she could to squeeze Yun Ziling into upper-class society, no matter how shameless the methods.

In Yun Xis last life, her mother had even ruined her face and forced her to compromise.

She had never been kind to her eldest daughter.

However, for some things, once they became demons, they also became weaknesses.

After her rebirth, hadnt dealing with her family been a piece of cake

Old Madame Chen had said that she was inviting her to dinner.

What she really had done was to invite her to the most upscale restaurant in Jingdu.

Standing at the entrance of Jinding, Yun Xi gazed at the sign with its golden brush writing and felt as if she were in a daze.

When she had come here in her last life, it had been during her coming-of-age ceremony, and Mr.

Jiang had brought her here.

His purpose had been to spark a romance between her and Jiang Henglin.

The old mans wishful thinking hadnt ended well.

Chen Yichen parked the car and walked over to join her at the door.

Seeing her standing there, motionless, he asked softly, “Why are you standing here instead of going in”

Concealing the emotional turmoil in her eyes, Yun Xi turned and smiled.

“The old Madame is too generous to invite me to such a grand place for a meal.”

“Its just a meal, and since you are the one who cured grandmas disease, grandma wants the chance to thank you!”

Chen Yichen said seriously, “So, I have been bequeathed with the task of repaying the favor to show our gratitude!”

“What does this have to do with you”

Yun Xi rolled her eyes at him good-naturedly and raised her hand to push away his handsome face that had come too close to her.

“I was able to heal the old Madame purely out of luck.

It has nothing to do with you.”

“But you saved me too.

I havent repaid you for saving my life!”

“Then Ill keep it on your tab.

Ill get back to you when I need you.”

She knew that major clans disliked owing people favors the most.

It was her duty to save the dying and heal the wounded, and she didnt care about the other aspects.

Upon hearing this, Chen Yichen nodded.

“Okay, well keep it on the tab.”

If he owed her, at least he would have an excuse to keep seeing her.

A waitress dressed in a vintage-style pankou dress took them into a room.

Yun Xi had thought that it was just the old Madame treating her to a meal, but, unexpectedly, when the waitress opened the door to the room, a table full of people was revealed.

She was immediately taken aback.

She turned her head and looked at Chen Yichen, glaring and making eye gestures.

This guy hadnt told her that there would be so many people here today.

This wasnt a meal.

It was basically a feast!

“Dont worry, theyre all family.

With me here, no one will dare bully you.”

“…” Yun Xi clenched her fists and, with a calm and dignified smile, she decided to bite the bullet.

The Chen family was the head of the four major clans.

The people in this room were all people who she had seen on the news every day.

They were all prominent figures of distinguished status.

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