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Chapter 266: Unlike That Plastic Face of Yours!

She had seen these women before.

The one in the middle was Lin Peiqi, the female companion of President Kang, who had just been introduced to her by Chen Yichen.

The term “female companion” was simply a euphemism.

Everyone understood that the female companion was actually just a mistress and a sexual partner.

Yun Xi really wanted to know who gave her, a mistress, the audacity to be so haughty and brazen toward her.

Yun Xi chuckled and patted her face.

“No matter how shameless I am, at least my face is all natural, unlike that plastic face of yours.

You seem to have undergone so much plastic surgery, its painful to even look at your face.”

“You…” After this incredible insult, Lin Peiqi clenched her fists tightly and her eyes shot daggers at Yun Xi.

She had always been extremely proud of the fact that, after plastic surgery, her face looked like Xu Sining, the actress.

She even considered her face more beautiful than the actresss.

But she also hated it when anyone else mentioned her plastic surgery, because even if she had gotten her face done, what woman would willingly admit that she has had plastic surgery

“Little b*tch! Watch your mouth!”

“Did I say something wrong That face of yours that you stole from Xu Sining will never propel you into the position of an A-list film actress like she is, no matter what you do.

You can only be regarded as, um, a knockoff version of Xu Sining.”

Since shed come from humble beginnings, hearing herself labeled as a knockoff version immediately bruised Lin Peiqis ego.

She could no longer be pretentious, and her cold eyes glared at Yun Xi venomously, as if she had the urge to kill her.

“So you think youre all that good Your entire family consists of thieves, and you are no exception.

Do you think its glorious to be a thief”

Lin Peiqi sneered, grit her teeth, and examined Yun Xis dress.

Shed seen this dress in a recent magazine interview with Ling Jing, because it had happened to be hanging beside Ling Jing in the photograph.

Everyone could tell that it was his design.

She couldnt get her hands on a Ling Jing dress no matter how much she wanted to.

She definitely hadnt expected a haute couture dress on a little thief.

“Your dress was designed by Ling Jing, right Since the Yun family probably couldnt afford it, perhaps you stole it as well I guess Ill have to call the police as soon as possible.

Wearing a stolen dress to attend a banquet, tsk.

tsk… What poor taste.

How can a poor thief like you shamelessly stand next to an eldest heir Arent you afraid of tarnishing his reputation”

Lin Peiqi snorted coldly, then made an eye gesture at the woman beside her.

“Call the police! I think that such a person appearing at such a high-level banquet must be polluting the air.”

Yun Xi sipped the juice that she had gotten from a waiter indifferently as she watched Lin Peiqi being a drama queen.

The waiter had been a bit too earnest and had actually filled a big-bellied wine glass with juice.

“The entire world really owes you an Oscar.

If you can act so well, why didnt you prostitute yourself enough to let Mr.

Kang sponsor you to get into entertainment circles.

If you cant succeed the first time, then try, try again!”

After a pause, Yun Xi squinted at her, eyeing her unnaturally sharp chin.

She seemed somewhat confused.

“Im just trying to decide whether your V-shaped face pokes Mr.

Kangs double chin”

Upon hearing such a funny joke, the women around Lin Peiqi couldnt help but laugh.

Lin Peiqi became so angry that her nose looked crooked.

She grit her teeth and glared at the women next to her.

“How dare you all laugh!”

The women turned their heads to conceal their smirks and gritted their teeth since they dared not laugh out loud.

“Miss Lin, dont be upset.

Look, your newly done nose is getting crooked!”

“Shameless hussy!” Lin Peiqi was trembling with anger, but she dared not touch her newly done nose.

She gritted her teeth and yelled at several women beside her.

“What are you all doing Go get hold of her.

This little b*tch needs to learn a lesson!”

Yun Xi raised her eyebrows and smiled nonchalantly.

“If you do anything to me, the eldest heir will be the one offended.

You all better weigh your options and consider whether choosing to side with a mistress and risk offending the eldest heir is really worth it.”

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