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Chapter 264: Insufferably Itchy Inside

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In fact, today, when hed seen her getting dressed, hed had only one thought, and that was to give up attending the banquet tonight.

He really didnt want to bring his little rascal before so many people, let alone make them lust for her.

He just wanted her all to himself.

Arousing quizzical glances from many curious guests around him, Chen Yichen quickly walked toward Yun Xi with a look of surprise on his face.

Yun Xi was about to walk over to Mu Feichi when Chen Yichen suddenly walked over.

“Yun Xi, what are you doing here”

“Eldest son…” Yun Xi stopped.

Suppressing her turmoil of emotions, she smiled.

“I came with Young Marshal Mu as his female companion.

Well, to pay off my debt.”

This was what Mu Feichi had said in the car, probably because he was worried that she would fret over paying back the favor she owed him.

He had simply found an excuse she could not refute or refuse, and that was to be his female companion for the event.

Chen Yichen smiled.

He couldnt help but laugh at the endearing way she explained it to him.

“What debt do you owe him Do you want me to help”

“A humane debt.

So I dont need your help.”

Yun Xi waved her hand.

Then she heard footsteps approaching from behind her.

She frowned slightly when she heard Han Yaotians voice.

“Director Chen!”

“Here comes the nuisance.”

Upon seeing that her face fell when she heard Han Yaotians voice, Chen Yichen knew that her unhappy expression meant that something was wrong.

He looked straight at Han Yaotian, who was walking toward him, and greeted him aloofly, “Director Han!”

Han Yaotian had followed her the entire way, but he had never expected that this young girl was the guest of Chen Yichen.

“Ive been wondering why I havent seen Director Han for such a long time.

Where have you been”

“I went out to smoke a cigarette.” Han Yaotian glanced at the fresh-faced girl standing behind Chen Yichen.

“Director Chen, this is…”

“This is the guest I invited here today, my friend, Yun Xi.”

“Yun Xi…” Han Yaotian narrowed his eyes slightly.

It suddenly occurred to him that this was the name of the girl that had appeared in the investigation report about Han Wanling being sent to the police station.

To be precise, this girl had sent that idiot Han Wanling to the police station.

He definitely didnt expect this girl to have been able to deal with Han Wanling so cleverly at such a young age.

Speaking of which, he should thank her.

If she hadnt blown things out of proportion, he wouldnt be able to be sitting in the position of Director today.

It would also have been even more impossible for him to be in charge of this project.

Once this project was over, the Vice President of the Han Group or even the President of the Board of Directors would be at his fingertips.

“So it turns out that the young lady is from the Yun family.

Its an honor to meet you.”

Han Yaotian politely extended his hand toward Yun Xi, but Yun Xi didnt even look at it.

Chen Yichen read her thoughts and saw she wasnt willing to let Han Yaotian make physical contact with her, so he grabbed two glasses of champagne from the tray of a waiter who was passing.

He stuffed one glass into Han Yaotians extended hand and the other glass he handed to Yun Xi.

“Thank you!” Yun Xi glanced at Han Yaotians awkward smile and didnt change her expression, while inside she was jeering.

Since he had some sense of cultivation, Han Yaotian didnt embarrass her despite the awkwardness of the situation.

Holding the wine glass, he looked at Yun Xi meaningfully.

He was quite fascinated by this young girl who seemed so disdainful of him despite the fact that it was their first meeting.

“Yun Xi, this is Director Han of the Han Group, my business partner and the one holding the banquet.”

“I know.” Yun Xi nodded, not seeming to take Han Yaotian seriously at all.

Han Yaotian found her discourteous apathy toward him somewhat unbearable.

It made him feel insufferably itchy inside…

Men could always keenly perceive what was going on with other men.

Han Yaotians bold gaze at Yun Xi displeased Chen Yichen.

He extended his hand and wrapped it around Yun Xis shoulder.


Han, you should go and greet your guests while I introduce Yun Xi to some other people.”

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