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Chapter 248: Climbing in the Window to Find Her in the Middle of the Night

Yun Xi asked the guard at the sentry post during her morning run, but they had no idea when Mu Feichi was going to arrive home.

Without Qi Yuan, she couldnt just go up the mountain.

Li Zilan wasnt around, and Yun Xi had recently felt a little idle after not working out for a while.

Ling Jing had given her a bunch of fall and winter clothes to try, and hed also given her 50,000 yuan for walking in the show.

This was the first big sum of money that she had earned since her rebirth.

In addition to the money she had saved up before and the money she had gotten from her father, she had about 60,000 yuan.

She was waiting for Mu Feichi to come back so that she could return Xiang Yuanjius mothers surgery fee to him.

Today, she had taken three tests in different subjects.

She had been doing reviews and quizzes over the past few days, so after Yun Xi packed 60,000 yuan into a black bag, she went to bed.

Tomorrow morning, she would take the money to the sentry post and let the guard hand it over to Mu Feichi.

Perhaps she was really tired because she didnt even notice Mu Feichi when he turned up at her window.

A small yellow night-light lit up the room.

The lighting was so soft it seemed as if it was veiled by a soft layer of gauze.

And, although the lighting was dim, it was enough for anyone looking in to see.

Mu Feichi stealthily climbed in through the window and turned his head to look at the figure sleeping on the bed in the dim light.

His eyes took on an expression so gentle that they almost seemed to melt into the night.

His flight had been delayed, and as soon as the plane had landed, he had run here to see Yun Xi, even before he had gone home.

He was still wearing the same light-green jacket, shirt, dark-green trousers, and sneakers that he had changed into in the car at the last minute.

Even such a ludicrous outfit appeared bizarrely natural on him.

Stepping forward, he turned on the bedside lamp and immediately saw the black bag on the desk.

From its square shape, he knew what it was without even looking inside.

From its thickness, he had already guessed it was money and what its purpose was.

Perhaps the light was too bright because Yun Xi awakened from her sleep.

She subconsciously felt that there was someone beside the bed.

The light was too dazzling, so she slightly squinted.

Then she lifted her foot and kicked the figure beside the bed.

When someone suddenly grabbed her foot, she stopped.

After her eyes had adjusted to the dazzling light, she could see the man beside the bed more clearly.

Being woken up like this in the middle of the night, Yun Xi took a few deep breaths and tried to suppress her crankiness.

Gritting her teeth and glaring at him, she spat out, “Mu Feichi, you jerk!”

Mu Feichi lowered his eyes to look at the foot he was holding.

It had just come out from under the covers, and it brought warmth to his cold palms.

“Little rascal, if you go any further, you will have to take responsibility for me.”

Yun Xi was stunned for a moment.

She looked at her ankle in his grip.

Suddenly, she understood the meaning of what he had said, and she blushed.

“What does that have to do with me Who told you to come in through the window in the middle of the night Thieves deserve to be treated like this!”

Withdrawing her foot, she sat up and leaned back against the headboard.

Then she stared at the man who shed not seen for two weeks with an unhappy expression.

Perhaps it was because he wasnt accustomed to foreign food, but he appeared thinner, and his chiseled features appeared deeper.

Under the light, his dark soulful eyes resembled a black hole that threatened to suck her in.

Yun Xis heart suddenly missed a beat!

She blinked her eyes in a panic and turned her head away.

Her breathing suddenly became a little rapid.

D*mn it! What was he doing climbing in through the window to find her in the middle of the night instead of sleeping

Why did he have to be so eccentric

Why was he always so unpredictable

Mu Feichi was basically unrivaled in terms of the artistry of flirtation.

She couldnt help but be impressed by how much of a flirt he was.

With the help of the light, Mu Feichi unexpectedly discovered that her ears were blushing, and he inexplicably felt stirred inside.

This cute little rascal made it difficult for him to maintain his sanity.

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