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Chapter 247: I Dont Believe Youve Ever Been So Kindhearted

“You…” Liang Xiuqins face immediately got ugly when Yun Xi exposed her ulterior motives in such a straightforward manner.

Yun Xis bluntness was tantamount to Yun Xi giving her a slap in the face.

“Wretched girl! How can you speak to me in such a manner I am your mother, after all, and everything I do is for your own good.

With someone of Young Marshal Mus status, if you accidentally offended him, would you be able to take responsibility for the consequences”

No wonder she hadnt been able to figure out how the jade seal had gotten back in Young Master Mus things.

Turns out that Yun Xi and Young Marshal Mu actually knew each other.

Upon hearing her mother go on in this way, Yun Xi couldnt help but laugh.

Her mother was so unbelievably thick-skinned.

“Mom, havent you already offended Young Marshal Mu once”

Liang Xiuqin looked dumbfounded.

“When did I offend Young Marshal Mu Dont talk nonsense!”

“At Madam Chens charity auction…when you bribed someone to steal Young Marshal Mus jade seal.

I heard that it was Young Marshal Mus personal seal.

If you had stolen it, you wouldve gone to jail.”

Upon the mention of the jade seal, there was obvious guilt written all over Liang Xiuqins face.

“I…that jade seal was never stolen, right Why are you trying to pin the blame on me I didnt do anything.”

“Mom, you know very well what Im talking about, and Young Marshal Mu knows about it too.

It is true that I put the jade seal back where it belonged.

Mom, do you need me to explain to you why you are still safe and sound”

“What do you mean” Liang Xiuqins heart lurched.

She had basically guessed what Yun Xi was insinuating.

“I used my lifesaving kindness to pay off your crime of theft.

Otherwise, you would only be able to talk to me from prison now.

You know that Young Marshal Mu is not an ordinary person, yet you still stole his things.

What made you think he would let you off the hook so easily”

Yun Xi snorted softly, and a hint of mischief flashed through her animated eyes.

“So Mom, dont even think about trying to take advantage of him because I saved his life.

If you really want to, okay, Ill talk to Young Marshal Mu.

As for how he will settle accounts with you or the Yun family…”

“You, you shut up!”

Liang Xiuqins lips trembled as she interrupted Yun Xi as she threatened her.

She didnt believe that this wretched girl had been so kind as to protect her with her lifesaving kindness.

“I dont believe you have ever been so kindhearted…”

Liang Xiuqins eyes flickered with her internal struggles.

The expression on her face was one of resentment.

She had tried to frame her not that long ago, and now Yun Xi wanted her to believe that she had been protecting her.

“Good-hearted Yes, Im not that kind.

But I am different from you.

I dont want to be known as a girl who has a mother who has been in jail.

That would be too shameful.

I wouldnt be able to maintain my dignity in front of my classmates.

So then why shouldnt I solve the problem directly”

She knew exactly what her mother was thinking, and she didnt want her to even think about exploiting her in order to social climb through Young Marshal Mu.

“If you dont believe me, mother, you could also go see Young Marshal Mu and ask him about it.

If you offend Young Marshal Mu and ruin dads future, then you and Liang Xinyi will have to sleep on the streets.

Think about that for a minute.”

“Dont you dare threaten me.

Im not scared!”

“Since you arent afraid, then you can go.

Im not stopping you.”

Yun Xi snorted and, without bothering to say anything further, she turned around and went upstairs.

Her mother didnt have the guts or the brains to do anything worthwhile.

All she could do was dream about climbing the mountain.

Because of Liang Xinyis bad idea, the mention of the jade seal had been enough to make her mother panic.

Served her right since she had dug her own grave…

If they hadnt stolen the jade seal in the first place, they might have gained the upper hand today.

The days passed, and, one after another, various tests followed in school.

Liang Xinyi had had to go through the expulsion procedure, and Liang Xiuqin had found her another school nearby.

She had probably had to spend a ton of money to get her into it.

Lately, the expression on her mothers face was darker than the soles of her shoes.

Without Liang Xinyi in her school, Yun Xis life became much more comfortable and easy.

After also getting in trouble, Li Sinuo had also learned to keep a low profile.

She kept her head buried in her studies every day without talking to the other classmates.

Occasionally, she would gaze at Yun Xi with deep hatred in her eyes.

Yun Xi didnt bother paying her any attention.

Today was the 25th, which was the day when Mu Feichi returned.

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