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Chapter 240: If I Missed Her, Would You Kidnap Her for Me

Somewhere in M., in an extravagant seaside suite…

Mu Feichi took off his suit jacket and handed it to the butler who had been employed to wait on him 24 hours a day.

The butler took the suit and hung it up for him.

Feng Rui, who was traveling with him, suppressed the urge to blabber.

He waited for Mu Feichis secretary to finish going over his schedule before he finally found the right time to say what was on his mind.

“Young Marshal Mu, how could you have agreed to an interview with the media As soon as that interview is broadcast, the entire area of Jingdu will explode.”

Many of the women in Jingdu, especially those in the elite groups, were of distinguished status and background.

If they really wanted to throw themselves at Mu Feichi, he wouldnt be able to stop them.

Moreover, it was highly likely that their families were all extremely prominent and powerful.

So it appeared that soon all the employees of these people would be engaged in cleaning up messy love affairs.

Mu Feichi stood by the bar as he unbuttoned his cufflinks and rolled up his sleeves to the elbow.

His cold eyes appeared more gentle and calm when he was in private time, alone with his friends.

Mu Feichi poured a glass of water and replied indifferently, “How many women in Jingdu do you think can meet my requirements What are you worrying about”

“That isnt going to stop these wealthy socialites from throwing themselves at you…”

“Would they dare to cross me”

“Of course,…these spoiled socialites know nothing at all except upper-class etiquette.

They would be no match against you in business, but in affairs of the heart…”

“But you think I cant hold my own against these women if they want to date me

“Are they stronger than my little wild cat”


As for who his little wild cat was, Feng Rui knew the answer to this without asking.

In the interview that hed just given to the press, Young Marshal Mu, as if he had been bewitched, had actually been a willing participant.

Feng Rui realized that he had said what hed said just for his little wild cat to hear.

As he made this discovery, he suddenly was certain that a PDA was imminent.

“Young Marshal Mu, do you miss her”

They were involved in business negotiations that were going to last for at least two weeks, and apparently Young Marshal Mus heart was aching for her.

Mu Feichi put down his water glass and looked at Feng Rui with cool eyes.

“If I missed her, would you kidnap her for me”

“Uh, I cant do that, but I can pull up the surveillance footage from the villa complex.

She will appear on the surveillance camera every day.”

Upon seeing Mu Feichi raise his eyebrows, Feng Rui thought he had agreed to this so he quickly brought his laptop over.

He pulled up the villa complexs surveillance footage and fast-forwarded it to find the footage of Yun Xi taking the bus every day.

“Okay, okay, go on about your own business.” Mu Feichi ushered him out of his room.

“…” Destroying the bridge so unceremoniously after crossing the river.

It was just a surveillance video, yet he treated it so preciously and wouldnt let anyone else watch it with him…

Feng Rui sheepishly exited the suite.

Looking at the little figure on the laptop, Mu Feichi frowned slightly as his fingers quickly tapped on the keyboard.

Sitting in her chair, Yun Xi opened her laptop and searched on the map for where Mu Feichi was.

Somewhere in M.

He was taking part in a global business conference, and it seemed as if he wouldnt be returning for a while.

She didnt know if Xiang Yuanjius enlistment in his organization could be settled.

Qi Yuan hadnt given her any decision yet.

Hed simply said that he had to wait for Young Marshal Mu to come back to make a decision.

She wasnt worried about his refusal.

She was worried that if he didnt refuse, he would no doubt make some demands on her.

In regard to Han Wanling, he had indeed been very helpful.

She was struggling to find a way to repay this favor.

Just as she was thinking about all these things, her screen suddenly went black, and columns of codes in English seemed to have been automatically entered on her screen.

Yun Xi was stunned.

She quickly realized that her computer was being hacked.

But this computer was an encrypted one that had been given to her by Mu Feichi.

She was positive that it would be very difficult, if not impossible, for hackers to break into it.

Thus, there was only one other possibility…

Sure enough, a video frame quickly popped up on the screen and revealed Mu Feichis chiseled profile.

Sitting in front of the computer, Yun Xi was stunned for a moment when she suddenly saw him appear in front of her from thousands of miles away.

He had been basically provoking all the women in the world to throw themselves at him moments before, yet just now he had hacked into her computer to forcibly video call her.

How was this different from him climbing over the wall

Sure enough, she really admired Mu Feichis modus operandi!

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