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Chapter 235: A Blatant Bully

As Yun Xi was getting ready to leave school at the end of the day, her homeroom teacher gave her Liang Xinyis expulsion notice and asked her to take it home to her parents.

Putting the notice in her bag, Yun Xi first had to go to the hospital.

At the hospital, Xiang Yuanjiu was sitting by a bed peeling apples when Yun Xi knocked on the door carrying a fruit basket.

“Girl, youre here!”

Upon seeing her, Xiang Yuanjiu put down his knife and walked over to take the fruit basket from her.

“You told me not to go to school to wait for you, so I came directly to the hospital.”

Yun Xi nodded, and didnt reveal that he had had trouble with the police in front of his mother.

Surreptitiously, she then gave a sum of money to his underlings and asked them to go to the police station to pay his bail.

“Auntie, how do you feel” Yun Xi stepped forward and carefully observed Xiang Yuanjius mothers vitality signs, which were better than shed expected.

“Im fine.

Sorry for making you two worry.”

Yun Xi smiled, said a few comforting words in a soft voice, and turned to look at Xiang Yuanjiu.

“Has the doctor told you the results yet”

“I dont think he has them yet.

They only came today to check her condition.

The date of the surgery hasnt been set yet.”

“Well, you come with me to the doctor to ask about the situation.”

Yun Xi said good-bye to Xiang Yuanjius mother and led Xiang Yuanjiu straight to the treating physicians office.

The treating physician was a male doctor in his 30s.

According to Chen Yichen, he was the most promising cardiologist in the hospital.

Yun Xi knocked on the door politely and, only when shed gotten an answer, did she push the door open.

“Doctor Zhang, hello.” Yun Xi stepped forward and sized up the gentleman in front of her.

Upon seeing Yun Xi entering his office, Zhang Shuo looked up from his work.

The last time young master Chen had brought her to the hospital and introduced her, all the senior officials in the hospital had attended the meeting.

Hed happened to have an operation at that time, so he hadnt met this girl.

Later, though, on one of his trips downstairs, hed seen her in the elevator.

Hed only seen her once, but he remembered this girl who had left a strong impression on him.

He glanced at Xiang Yuanjiu, who was standing behind her, and he immediately knew which patient they had come to see him about.

Most doctors were arrogant, so Yun Xi dared not be too intrusive.

After all, she still needed his help in saving a life.

“Have the results for the patient in Room 32 come out yet Do you mind if I inquire about the situation”

“Its all here, so feel free to read it for yourself.” Zhang Shuo flipped through a document, then handed it to her.

Yun Xi glanced at it for several minutes, calculated the risks of the operation, then asked about the stents and medical products needed for a heart bypass.

Zhang Shuo raised his head in surprise.

Since she knew about the import company and model of the bracket needed, obviously she had expertise in this area.

“I heard that you treated old Madame Chens hemiplegia”

Yun Xi smiled, but she didnt take credit for it.

“I just did my best.

The old Madame has good luck.”

“Being too humble borders on arrogance.

I didnt expect you to have so much medical expertise at such a young age.”

“Uh…that would be an exaggeration.

My dream is to become a doctor, so perhaps I will be a colleague of yours in the future.”

Zhang Shuo chuckled lightly.

This girls temperament really appealed to him, and she had so much potential.

“Since you are interested in medical studies, Im recruiting assistants next year.

Do you want to come study here”

Yun Xi shook her head.

“Im about to take the college entrance examination.

I can only consider my future aspirations after the college entrance examination is over.”

Zhang Shuo didnt pressure her.

“This patients operation is scheduled for next Monday.

You should already know about the risks after seeing those results.

I wont say any more, and you can explain everything to the family members.”

Yun Xi tugged at the corner of her mouth.


How perfunctory he was!

Wasnt he blatantly bullying a young person

Just because shed rejected his proposal to become a disciple, hed become passive-aggressive.

One really…couldnt judge a book by its cover!

After leaving the office, Yun Xi explained the risks of the operation to Xiang Yuanjiu and told him that he didnt have to worry about the costs of the operation.

“I know.

The doctors told me that someone had already paid for the cost of the operation.

This money… I will pay you back in the future.”

“We can have that conversation some other day.

You can tell me your decision about becoming a soldier after you think about it.”

“No need, Ive already thought about it.

I will definitely go!”

Xiang Yuanjiu gazed at her with determination and an uncharacteristic tenderness in his gloomy eyes.

He wanted to better himself and become good enough in the eyes of society, even if it was simply for the right to stand by her side.

“Okay, I will arrange the rest.

I cant come during the operation because I have class.

Come find me if you need me.”

“Thank you, Yun Xi…”

“Youre welcome.

Im also helping myself.

Im going home now.

You take good care of Auntie!”

Waving good-bye, she turned and walked directly to the elevator.

Xiang Yuanjiu looked at the distant figure walking away, and he felt as if she had also walked into his heart.

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