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Chapter 226: The Evidence Is Here

“Teacher Xu, you dont believe me This was all Yun Xis fault.

She has scapegoated me and tried to incriminate me.

She pushed me into the classroom and locked me in.”

“If she pushed you in and tried to incriminate you, why isnt she in the surveillance footage I think you accidentally locked yourself in, and youre trying to pin the blame on Yun Xi.”

“No, I… Im not.

She tried to incriminate me!”

Li Sinuo couldnt explain why Yun Xi was not in the surveillance footage.

During the incident, she had seen Yun Xi following her.

The two of them had been separated by a long distance, but why wasnt she in the surveillance footage

It was impossible! What exactly was going on

Seeing that she refused to admit that she had framed Yun Xi, Teacher Xu looked disappointed.

“Li Sinuo, Im really disappointed in you.

Yun Xis grades are better than yours because she works harder than you do.

Yet, you not only dont try to learn from her example, you ruthlessly try to get her into trouble.

What are you trying to do”

At this moment, Officer Xiao Tang pulled up another segment of the surveillance footage, raised his head, and said, “The suspect has been found!”

Everyone leaned in and stared at the surveillance footage playing on the computer screen.

In the surveillance video, Liang Xinyi was carrying a black backpack, which she then handed to to a young man who was waiting on the road beside the school.

The surveillance camera caught the face of the young man who took the bag.

Teacher Xu recognized who the man was at a glance, and he also recognized the person who gave him the bag.

After watching these two videos, no matter how stupid one was, one would be able to grasp the truth of the situation.

The homeroom teacher gazed at his two students with disappointment, and he was absolutely exasperated.

“Liang Xinyi, Li Sinuo, you two actually conspired to frame Yun Xi.”

“It wasnt like that, Teacher Xu…”

When Liang Xinyi saw herself in the surveillance footage, she panicked.

The surveillance footage was hard evidence that she was guilty of theft.

No matter what, she couldnt admit it.

Once the accusation settled and the police came for her, she would likely be sent to a juvenile detention center.

Auntie definitely wouldnt come to bail her out for such a serious matter.

What should she do

She looked at Han Wanling nervously, but Han Wanling only glanced over at her coldly and pointed with her jaw toward Yun Xi.

Liang Xinyi suddenly understood what Han Wanling was trying to say.

Quickly changing her plans, she decided to push all the blame onto Yun Xi once again.

Pointing to Yun Xi, she started rambling, making completely ridiculous excuses.

“This, all of this, was what Yun Xi made me do! She asked me to come up to steal the stuff and give it to that little gangster.

That little gangster usually hangs out with Yun Xi, and many students in the school have seen them together.

Everything is her fault.

I was forced by her too.

I live in a submissive position in her house, and, if I hadnt helped her, she would have kicked me out.

Principal, Teacher Xu, Yun Xi has forced me to do everything! It was her! It was all her!”

Yun Xi almost applauded Liang Xinyis mental agility.

“Cousin, you say I forced you, but is there any evidence You need a password to enter the multimedia classroom.

There are not many people in the school who know the password for this door.

Since you came in and stole things, obviously you knew the password.”

“How could I know the password! The password was given to me by you.”

Yun Xi raised her eyebrows and chuckled lightly.

“You say that I gave you the password.

Wheres your evidence I can produce evidence that you got the password in order to steal stuff.”

With that said, Yun Xi turned to look at the principal and asked airily, “Principal, how many teachers in the school know the password to the multimedia classroom”

“Except for the multimedia teacher and the subject teachers for third years, there seems to be no one else.”

“Does Teacher Sun Mingsun, the P.E.

teacher for third year students, know the password”

Upon the mention of Sun Ming, the principal froze for a moment, then nodded and said, “He…he also knows.”

The mention of Sun Ming made Liang Xinyi tremble.

Yun Xi tugged at the corners of her mouth.

She glanced at Liang Xinyis pale face and her eyes grew cold.

She reached out and pulled a photo from the big pocket of her coat.

“Cousin, you received the password from the P.E.

teacher, Sun Ming.

The evidence is here.

Would you like to come and take a look”

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