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Chapter 225: The Thief Is Rallying Others to Catch the Thief

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As soon as Yun Xi had finished speaking, Li Sinuos face suddenly turned pale.

Yun Xi smirked mockingly, then turned her head and glanced at Liang Xinyi who was standing on the other side of the room.

Liang Xinyi felt goosebumps rise on the back of her neck, seeing that calm smile.

At this moment, she realized that she had fallen into Yun Xis trap.

But by the time she realized what was going on, it was too late…

“Cousin, I can understand the classroom leader being so anxious, but why are you also so anxious”

Liang Xinyis face also turned pale, as she gritted her teeth and shot Yun Xi a vicious glare.

Clenching her fists, she racked her brains for a story to tell.

“Yun Xi, you must have the courage to admit that you have done something wrong.

As long as you return what you have stolen, I believe the police will handle it lightly.”

“Cousin, youre so funny.

Why should I admit guilt if I didnt steal anything”

“The class leader said that she had clearly seen you steal those computers, and I also saw a thief carrying a large bag of things climb over the wall.

If there wasnt an insider, how could the things have been stolen so easily If you admit that you stole them, I wont tell my aunt…”

“Liang Xinyi, people can lie, but machines cant.

I warned you before, dont dig your own grave.

It seems that you dont take what I say seriously.

If Li Sinuo says she saw me stealing, she has to have evidence.

You say that I was the insider, but lets see the evidence for that.

If you cant show any evidence, then lets ask the police to pull up the surveillance footage.

If it shows that I did it, I will immediately go to the police station with the police.

I will take responsibility for my own actions.”

“Yun Xi…” Seeing that she spoke so resolutely, her homeroom teacher was also a little worried.

Yun Xi cocked her head slightly, and her eyes were calm and cold.

“Teacher Xu, dont you believe in me”

“You are my student.

Of course I believe in you!”

After that, Teacher Xu turned to look at Officer Xiao Tang.

“Officer Xiao Tang, check the surveillance footage please.

They are all my students, and I dont want anyone to be slandered falsely.”

Officer Xiao Tang had already turned on the computer.

The computer quickly connected to the schools Wi-Fi network and pulled up the surveillance footage.

Liang Xinyi and Li Sinuo were as anxious as ants in a hot pot, and they stared at Yun Xi viciously, as if they wanted to tear her apart.

However, Yun Xi gazed at them, who were obviously anxious and tormented, yet dared not run, with a calm expression.

It was gratifying to her to see how tormented they were.

The two of them looked at Han Wanling for help, but Han Wanling ignored their silent pleas for help with complete indifference.

She acted as if she didnt know them.

Officer Xiao Tang quickly pulled up two pieces of surveillance footage.

“Principal, Ive found the surveillance footage.

Come and see it!”

The computer screen was playing the surveillance footage of the area that was directly downstairs of the multimedia classroom in the academic building.

On the surveillance footage, only Li Sinuo could be seen walking toward the academic building.

She was walking toward the academic building, when Liang Xinyi, carrying a black backpack, appeared on the surveillance screen.

The timing of their joint appearances was too coincidental.

Looking at the surveillance footage, Li Sinuos eyes widened immediately, and her expression turned into one of disbelief.

“No! How could I appear alone Yun Xi was behind me, so why doesnt she appear on the surveillance footage This is impossible!”

As soon as she saw that Yun Xi wasnt in the surveillance footage, Li Sinuo could no longer remain calm.

“She must have tampered with the surveillance footage.

This is impossible! She came here following me, so how come she doesnt show up”

The homeroom teacher finally understood what she was saying, and, upon grasping the situation, he looked at Li Sinuo with disappointment.

“Li Sinuo, didnt you just say that you followed Yun Xi to the multimedia room in the academic building How come you are now saying that Yun Xi was behind you when Yun Xi isnt even in the surveillance footage As soon as you got downstairs, Liang Xinyi came out with a backpack.

It seems to me that the two of you were the ones who stole the things.

Isnt it ironic that the thief is rallying others to catch the thief”

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