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Chapter 221: An Eye for an Eye

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Yun Xi slowed down as she followed behind Li Sinuo.

Seeing her walking so slowly, Li Sinuo looked impatient.

“Cant you go any faster Stop pretending to be so ladylike.”

“Im sure our teacher isnt in such a hurry, so why are you in such a hurry” Yun Xi raised her eyes to look at Li Sinuo and smirked mockingly.

“Class leader, if you have something to do, you can go do it first.

You dont need to take me over there.

I know where the classroom is.”

Li Sinuo snorted coldly.

“Do you think I want to take you there You really take yourself way too seriously!”

Yun Xi raised her eyebrows.

Then she noticed that Liang Xinyi, who was standing at a corner of the first floor, had been following them discreetly.

Perhaps it was because she was always busy studying and did not have time to exercise on weekdays, but Li Sinuo was a little out of breath after climbing to the fifth floor.

Halfway up, shed stopped to see if Yun Xi had kept up.

When she reached the fourth floor, Yun Xi glanced through the railings and saw Liang Xinyi exit the building with a black backpack on.

Yun Xi quickly followed Li Sinuo and, before Li Sinuo had time to catch her breath, she pushed Li Sinuo into the multimedia classroom.

The classrooms door was open, and Li Sinuo was just about to turn her head to see if Yun Xi was still following.

She hadnt expected Yun Xi to push her inside.

Caught off guard, she staggered and fell to the ground, and, before she could recover, the multimedia classrooms door slammed shut.

By the time shed gotten up, the door had been locked.

The door locks password had just been replaced and could only be opened by entering the password from the outside.

There was no way to open it from the inside.

Li Sinuo pounded on the door desperately.

“Yun Xi, what are you doing Open the door for me!”

Standing near the door, Yun Xi walked to the side where there was an iron-framed window.

She apathetically gazed at Li Sinuo, whose eyes were shooting daggers at her.

Yun Xi chuckled.

“Class leader, dont you realize what I wanted to do the most If Id walked faster, Im afraid the person locked in there would have been me!”

Li Sinuos face froze, and her eyes flickered.

“You…what do you mean”


But werent you planning to lock me inside I just turned the tables on you is all.”

“I dont know what youre talking about.”

“Li Sinuo, you and Liang Xinyi have conspired against me.

Originally, I didnt want to have to pay attention to all these stupid little tricks of yours, but today, the mastermind behind all your schemes has come forward, so Ill let you all get together to join in on the fun.

As the saying goes, three women one play, so I will accompany you all to perform this play today.”

“B*tch! You let me out!” Li Sinuos face immediately turned ugly after she realized that she had been exposed.

Through the glass of the window, Yun Xi could clearly see the grimace on her face.

“Its impossible for me to let you get out.

Think about how you have conspired against me.

This is an eye for an eye.”

“How dare you! Yun Xi, Im warning you.

If you dare to try and conspire against me, I will not let you off the hook!”

Since she had been locked inside, it was obvious that Yun Xi, that wretched girl, knew about their scheme.

If she planned on using their own scheme against her, then things definitely wouldnt end up good for her today.

She was suddenly scared.

“Wretched girl! You have to let me out.

Help…someone help me!”

“This is the fifth floor of a remote academic building.

On Saturdays and Sundays, the school only has advanced prep classes.

The principal and the mastermind behind your schemes are in the deans office.

Its useless for you how matter how loudly you shout.

No one will hear you or come to rescue you.”

After that, Yun Xi turned around and abandoned Li Sinuo in the multimedia classroom.

Now, heading back down the stairs to return to the academic building, she avoided the surveillance camera again and quickly returned to her classroom.

At this time, Liang Xinyi had already met up with Xiang Yuanjiu.

Everything was going according to Han Wanlings plan, but also according to Yun Xis plan as well.

She didnt need to do anything now except to go to her homeroom teacher for help with a few questions.

In this way, her homeroom teacher would provide her with an alibi.

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