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Chapter 211: Provide a Family for You

He didnt know whether it was because she hadnt been doing much exercise lately or because she was wearing heavy layers of clothing, but for some reason, when he embraced her, she felt plumper.

He really wanted to wrap himself around her and attach her to him so they could be together all day every day.

“Everything Chen Yichen sent to me to eat was unhealthy junk food.

He definitely knows that I dont eat those sorts of things and that Yun Ziling is always stealing my stuff.

I think he probably sent those snacks for her because after she ate all those snacks, Yun Ziling would probably gain at least ten pounds.

I think Chen Yichen did it on purpose to teach her a lesson.”

Mu Feichi narrowed his eyes and pursed his lips.

Chen Yichens motives werent difficult to guess, and only this naive girl would not realize what he was up to.

“Chen Yichen doesnt do anything without a purpose, so you just keep that in mind and be careful.”

Yun Xi froze a little and her neck stiffened as she shot him a glance.

“Perhaps hes not as bad as you think”

Mu Feichi was somewhat amused by her naivete, and he raised his hand to rub her head.

“I have a business deal under negotiations.

Ill be away for a while, so you be careful.

If you need help, go to the sentry post and Qi Yuan will send someone to help you.”

“Oh, I have nothing that needs help, only small problems that I can solve by myself.”

Mu Feichi chuckled, then took the copy of the document he had brought with him and, clasping her wrist, he stuffed the document into her hand.

“The Han family is very well-established in Jingdu.

I know you want to uproot them, but you dont have enough influence yet.

However, you dont have to do it all by yourself.

You can also use others against them.”

Yun Xi looked down at the folder in her hand, then opened it and flipped through it.

It was a joint venture project that had attracted much attention recently.

She remembered this project.

In her last life, this project had been created by the Han family.

It was because of this large project that the Han family had gained a stronger foothold within the four major distinguished families.

If she was able to cut off the Han familys investment capital network or used someone else to stop them, the Han family wouldnt have such a strong foundation in the future.

This was a good opportunity for her and a good start to her goals of ruining the Han family.

The Han family…Han Yaotian, Han Wanling…she wasnt going to let any of them off the hook.

“I didnt tell you that I wanted to do anything to the Han family, but because Han Wanling wont leave me alone and give me any peace of mind, I am simply defending myself…”

“This information Ive given you is enough for you to be able to control the four major distinguished families and even other large and small family businesses in Jingdu.

I never expected you to have so little ambition.”

“At the moment, being admitted to university is more than enough to satisfy me.

Why do I need so much ambition”

Yun Xi turned her head to hide the conflicted feelings in her eyes.

She had never thought about controlling the four major distinguished families.

Dealing with the Han family was nothing more than assuaging a grudge from her previous life that she felt she had to deal with.

She didnt realize that she was clenching her fists to suppress her emotions.

Mu Feichis eyes fell on her small hands that were clenched into fists.

He didnt know why every time he mentioned the Han family, she always tried to hide how emotional she became.

It seemed that there were ill feelings between them, but he hadnt been able to discover any clues to what the source of these ill feelings was.

Since she didnt want to divulge it to him, he didnt ask her.

He was always going to be there for her.

“Ambition is not a bad thing.”

Mu Feichi raised his hand and placed it on the back of her hand, then softly squeezed her small clenched fist.

He held it tightly.

Although he didnt know what her grievances were, seeing her suppress her strong emotions so agonizingly made him feel tormented as well.

“The four major distinguished families are now in a state of mutual checks and balances, and the connections and financial resources of each family should not be underestimated.

Our three eminent families have broader family industries, and we dont want Jingdu to become a mess so we wont interfere if they fight openly.

But if you want to break this balance between these four families, you have to bring a family that can replace the Han family to the table.”

He slowly released her hand and gazed at her with an enigmatic smile.

“This is a process that takes time.

I will provide a family for you to substitute the Han family with.

At this time, however, you must let yourself mature.

When you have enough influence, you can do whatever you want in Jingdu.”

He said this in a nonchalant manner that made him appear bold and fearless.

But to Yun Xis ears, every sentence that he spoke was earth-shattering.

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