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Chapter 210: Nefarious Move

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Yun Xi didnt bother quarreling with her mother.

She just bent down and looked in the box.

She flipped through the snacks inside.

They were all high-calorie, high-fat snacks.

These snacks were different from those that had been sent by Mu Feichi.

Although they were all imported snacks, Mu Feichi gave her high-protein snacks that were beneficial to her growth.

She didnt eat these sorts of snacks.

Even if Chen Yichen had wanted to give her a gift, she was sure that he knew that as a medical student she wouldnt touch these sorts of things that werent nutritious and would make her gain weight.

Perhaps the eldest son had ulterior motives for sending these snacks.

Perhaps he knew that these things probably wouldnt ever reach her hands, so he simply sent many snacks that would make Yun Ziling gain weight…

Uh…his intentions really were nefarious.

Since Yun Ziling was so undisciplined that she couldnt control what she ate, it served her right.

After rummaging through the box, Yun Xi finally found the mock exam paper at the bottom of the box.

She clapped her hands and stood up.

“Since Yun Ziling likes to eat these snacks so much, let her have them all.

Auntie, please move both boxes to Yun Zilings room and let her indulge in them.”

“Ah Missy, you really want me to move them” Obviously feeling aggrieved for her, the housekeeper looked at her sympathetically.

Yun Xi turned her head and winked at the housekeeper.

“Carry them up! Or else they will keep scorning me for being selfish.”


Although the housekeeper didnt understand why Yun Xi had given in so suddenly, the housekeeper nonetheless carried the boxes upstairs as she was ordered.

Liang Xiuqin smiled triumphantly, then gave the washed fruits to Yun Ziling.

“Go to bed early after eating these.

You still have class tomorrow.”

“I know.

Mom, you are the best.”

Yun Xi went upstairs holding the mock test paper.

Wanting to say something, the housekeeper followed behind her, but she refrained from speaking.

Yun Xi paused, then turned her head to look at the housekeeper.

“No need to feel pity for me.

Those snacks are high in calories and have no nutrition.

If Yun Ziling eats them all, she will gain at least ten pounds, so she can knock herself out.”

The housekeeper suddenly understood what was going on.

She couldnt help but giggle as she walked to Yun Zilings room with the boxes in her arms.

Yun Ziling had heart disease and couldnt do vigorous exercises, so it was especially difficult for her to lose weight.

Losing one or two pounds was already tortuous, not to mention ten pounds.

Tsk, tsk, the eldest son had really made an extremely nefarious move.

As soon as Yun Xi opened the door of her room, she smelled a scorching scent, and, turning her head abruptly, she saw the figure sitting on the carpet next to the bed with a welded safe.

Yun Xi froze for a moment, then closed the door and walked over.

“Young Marshal Mu, what are you…”

Mu Feichi looked up at her and placed the safe back where it had been.

“Did your mother touch your safe”


But she couldnt open the lock and was probably electrified.”

“If the password is entered incorrectly three times, the safe will automatically start the safety program, and there is a discharge device inside the box that will automatically discharge.

Although the electricity wont electrocute, its still quite scary.”

“I didnt expect that you were guarding it from my mother.”

“Why would I have given you the safe otherwise”

Standing up, he patted the dust off his body, then sat down on her little bed, and reached out to drag her to the chair beside him.

“What, what”

Being caught off guard, she was pressed down into the chair.

The man in front of her was domineering, and she was pressed against the chair, but she dared not move for fear of aggravating him.

After all, this mans temper was really unpredictable.

“Young Marshal Mu, can we speak in another way”

Every time she got too close, no matter how alert she was, she really found him touching her from time to time unbearable.

“What did Chen Yichen give you”

Mu Feichi cocked his head slightly, then pressed her closer to sniff her body scent.

It was already autumn, and she was wearing a fluffy long-sleeved cardigan jacket that made her look warm like a flower blooming in early spring.

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