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Chapter 208: Deal with Them All in One Fell Swoop!

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“Fortune-tellers are pure nonsense.

People determine the course of their own lives, and only incompetent people use fortune-tellers as excuses to comfort themselves for their failings.”

Yun Xi smiled.

“However, now that Im here, I will take back the things that belong to me, one by one.”

“Of course! If you need any help, you can ask me at any time.”

Yun Xi nodded, then cocked her head, paying attention to the figure who was sitting on the opposite side of the floor.

From the manager, she had found out what Liang Xinyi had been up to during this time.

As shed expected, Liang Xinyi was another chess piece that Han Wanling had placed near her.

But Yun Xi didnt know how Han Wanling was going to use this chess piece.

However, when she saw the man sitting next to Liang Xinyi, she understood immediately.

Yun Xi, who was sitting across from Yumo, gestured with her chin and pointed to the area across from where they were sitting.

“Yumo, are you familiar with that man with glasses”

Zhao Yumo turned her head to look, and, upon seeing the mans hand touch Liang Xinyis thigh, her eyes got wide.

Liang Xinyi shrank back in her seat with a disgusted expression, but she was obviously afraid to speak up.

Her eyes stared at the woman who was sitting facing her pleadingly.

She seemed to be asking for help.

Yumo covered her mouth for fear of gasping out loud, then turned around and took a sip of juice to recover from the shock.

“D*mn! What is Liang Xinyi doing Shes not mature enough for that kind of behavior.”

Yun Xi took a bite of the grilled eel in a sweet and salty sauce that tasted very good.

“Didnt you tell me just now that she came here with someone else Do you really think she would sit there and willingly endure humiliation You think she would let herself suffer The person who brought her in is the mastermind behind the scenes, the shadowy person who is scheming against me.”

“Huh Who is it Whos trying to scheme against you Ill help you deal with them!”

Yun Xi smiled but didnt divulge anything.

“A good show has begun, so you can watch the farce.”

“Dont leave me hanging here! Im waiting for the details.”

Yun Xi smiled and changed the topic.

“Dont you know that man”

“Of course, doesnt everyone in the school know him Hes Sun Ming, the principals nephew, the P.E.

teacher for juniors, and the most sleazy teacher in the school.”

Upon thinking of the hand that had molested Liang Xinyis thigh just now, Yumo shuddered and got goosebumps.

“Yuck! And hes a teacher.

Didnt you see how he lay his hands on Liang Xinyi”

“Dont worry! Liang Xinyi still has a year to go before she becomes an adult.

Sun Ming wouldnt dare do anything to her, no matter how shameless he is.”

“Youre right, but what exactly does Liang Xinyi think shes going to get out of it How can she bear sitting next to him.

D*mn it! Its disgusting to even think about.

No wonder Auntie Jun doesnt want to let me come here to have fun.”

“Shes doing it in order to deal with me.

If Im driven back to the countryside, with my mother supporting her, she will be able to do whatever she wants in the Yun family.”

“D*mn! So what are you waiting for Go get her!”

Liang Xinyi had just gotten in trouble at school and here she was, digging her own grave again.

Yun Xi really admired this two-faced b*tchs unwavering determination.

She was like a cockroach that simply couldnt be killed.

Yun Xi held Zhao Yumos hand and shook her head at her.

“Yumo, they know how to use others against me so as not to dirty their own hands.

I need to figure out how to use their own tricks against them.”

“What do you mean What are you going to do Do you need my help”

“Theres no need for the time being.

I wont hide it from you this time.

Im going to lure them into the game.”

Yun Xi forked a cherry, a piece of apple, and a slice of watermelon from the fruit plate, then put them all on a white plate.

She pointed to the cherry as she said, “This is Liang Xinyi.”

Then she pointed the fork at the slice of watermelon and the piece of apple and she said, “This is Li Sinuo, and this is the woman across from Liang Xinyi.”

As she said this, she poured the eel sauce on the fruit.

“This is the punk at the school gates this morning.”

“That punk He was sent by them too”

Yun Xi smiled and nodded, then pushed the plate away from in front of her.

“Do you still want to eat such a plate of fruit”

“No! I dont have such heavy tastes.”

Realizing what Yun Xi was trying to illustrate with that plate of fruit, Zhao Yumo narrowed her eyes and asked, “Are you planning to deal with them all in one fell swoop”

“Im just trying to choose the most convenient way.”

“Convenient…Im speechless!”

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