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Chapter 206: Dig a Hole

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During the break between classes, Zhao Yumo, whod gotten word of the situation that had taken place that morning, brought a bunch of snacks and ran to Class 3 to find Yun Xi.

Zhao Yumos name had preceded Yun Xi as the second place incumbent in Jing High School.

Before Yun Xi had squeezed her out of second place, she and Zhou Chengzhe were Jing High Schools academic star pair.

Every time she ran to Class 3 to find Yun Xi, the other classmates couldnt help being curious and paying attention to them.

Zhao Yumo glanced at the resentful Li Sinuo and Liang Xinyi and deliberately raised her voice and shouted.

“Little Yun Xi, Im here to repay my gratitude too.

The cough medicine you gave me for my grandpa was really effective.

My grandpa used it a few days ago, and he doesnt cough much anymore when he wakes up in the morning.

He asked me to invite you to my house for dinner some day to thank you.”

“You dont need to treat me to a meal.

Ill just accept these snacks as a thank you instead.”

With a big bag of snacks on the table, Yun Xi summoned her classmates to come and eat some with them.

While Zhao Yumo was there, the vibe was lively, because the classmates had long wanted to meet this academic star.

So, when Yun Xi summoned them, they came over.

“Yun Xi, did you study medicine in the countryside Do you really have such impressive medical skills that even gangsters come to repay you How amazing!”

“Who could be so vicious as to make people repaying their gratitude seem like you were having inappropriate relations with gangsters”

“They were probably jealous, envious, and resentful.”

“You both transferred from the countryside, so how could there be such a big difference between you”

“Thats right! Some people are just better than others.”


Listening to the discussions going on between the classmates, Li Sinuo grew so angry that she was boiling with rage, and she slammed the textbook in her hand down on the table.

“Youre all so noisy! Dont you all want to study anymore Shut up please.”

Seeing that they were deliberately throwing her under the bus to put Yun Xi on a pedestal, Li Sinuo, who had always been proud, could no longer suppress her envy and resentment.

After Yun Xi had transferred to her school, everything that had once belonged to her had been taken away.

Her role as the teachers pet, the admiration of her classmates, and first place in the class.

Everything that had once belonged to her had vanished.

She couldnt let this go.

After Li Sinuo yelled, the noisy classroom went suddenly silent.

Almost everyone looked at her with contempt and disdain, then they smirked mockingly and continued to discuss the topic they had just been discussing without paying her any attention at all.

Two of the outstanding academic scholars of the entire grade were here.

They were worried about the lack of opportunity to exchange learning experiences, so who had time to worry about her feelings

After being ignored by the whole class, Li Sinuos expression turned gloomy.

She, the class leader, was less admired than the new transfer student.

Through the crowd, Yun Xi silently watched the gloomy expression in Li Sinuos eyes, and her slender fingers started tapping on the table.

Although she didnt know how Han Wanling was planning to scheme against her, it didnt mean that she should send her ammunition.

Since she couldnt guess what was coming, she would dig a hole for them first and wait for them to jump down in it.

With so many teammates, there would undoubtedly be a pigheaded teammate who would ruin her plans.

After school ended that afternoon, Yun Xi went to Class 2 to find Zhao Yumo for help on solving a math problem.

The two academic stars together were especially eye-catching.

Their classmates pestered Zhao Yumo to solve this math problem on the blackboard.

Yun Xi sat in her seat and listened.

After all that, it was quite late when they left.

Zhao Yumos familys driver came to pick her up, and they gave Yun Xi a ride home.

While waiting for a red light at an intersection, she unexpectedly saw a familiar figure at the entrance to the Jingdu Golden Leaf Club.

“Yumo, can you see if that person looks like Liang Xinyi”

Zhao Yumo leaned over, lowered the car window, and glanced at the figure walking toward the entrance of the club.

Then she snorted lightly.

“It is indeed Liang Xinyi.

Its not the first time Ive seen her there.

Ive noticed her there several times.

I was actually curious about how someone of her status managed to get in.

It turns out someone took her here.”

The Golden Leaf Club was a high-end club in Jingdu, and ordinary people couldnt enter.

“Who” Yun Xi couldnt help being a little curious.

Liang Xinyi had been walking behind the person whod brought her there.

Zhao Yumo hadnt been able to see who it was.

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