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Chapter 202: She Is Nothing

In the Yun family living room, Yun Ziling was dragging Liang Xiuqin into the room to watch Ling Jings fashion show.

They didnt get invitations to these kind of events.

Even if theyd had the money, they wouldnt have been able to get tickets, so they could only watch the show at home.

Looking at the figure that emerged from the runway in the finale, Yun Ziling didnt even have time to exclaim how beautiful the clothes were before she noticed the face coming down the runway.

She appeared familiar at first glance, but also a little unfamiliar.

“Mom! Mom, look, doesnt that person look like that wretched girl Yun Xi”

“Which one” Liang Xiuqin was just eating a piece of fruit she had cut, and, looking at the screen, all she saw was a full body figure in the camera, and the shrunken face wasnt clearly visible.

Liang Xiuqin tried to see but the camera didnt stay on Yun Xis face very much, so although she felt it seemed familiar, she was not sure.

“Does it look like her I just saw her come out, and I realized that she looked a lot like that wretched girl.”

“Impossible! How could someone like her be able to go to that sort of place This is Ling Jings fashion show, and only wealthy socialites and their daughters get invitations.

She is nothing.”

“But, at the last auction, wasnt that dress she got Ling Jings design She wouldnt know Ling Jing would she…”

“‘That dress was sent by the Chen family, and it was a favor from the Chen family.

Do you think that just anyone can go up and walk around like models on the runway We couldnt get an invitation letter, let alone her!”

“I guess youre right…”

The two were still pondering the situation when Yun Xi came back.

Seeing her mother and sister sitting in the living room, Yun Xi couldnt help but be a little surprised.

Thinking about how Yun Ziling had fussed over watching the premiere of Ling Jings show this morning, and then looking at the TV screen still on, she immediately understood.

She wasnt afraid that they would be able to tell, because even she herself couldnt believe her eyes, not to mention them, who had always been condescending to her.

“Wretched girl, where did you go today”

As soon as she stepped into the living room, Liang Xiuqin stopped Yun Xi.

She found Yun Xi relying on her father and Yun Yuanfeng always doting on her to be insufferable, and she thought she had probably been unruly, running around outside all day.

“I have prep classes on Saturday and Sunday.

Mom, dont you remember”

It was simply an explanation, but when Yun Xi said it, Liang Xiuqin felt that she was showing off.

Thinking of how she had been publicly humiliated in front of so many parents the last time shed been at the school, Liang Xiuqin felt her face grow hot again.

“Are you trying to show off What tutoring lessons do you need”

“The teacher wanted me to take the tutoring lessons.

The prep classes consist of all the top students with top grades, so ordinary people might not be able to get in.

For example, for someone ranked at the bottom like Liang Xinyi, no matter how hard she tried, no matter how lucky she was, she wouldnt be qualified.”

“Wretched girl! What do you mean Youre trying to throw shade at me, right”

“Mother, arent you doing that to yourself If you have the ability, let Liang Xinyi give you some glory and get a good grade to make dad happy.

After all, since youre helping others raise their daughter, you must show some sincerity to make him willing to do so.

Or else, if she cant even pass the university entrance exam, she will have no future or status.

Do you think Dad will raise such a useless chess piece”

“You…you shut up! You have no right to interfere with Xinyis affairs! If you dare to talk nonsense in front of your dad, I will hit you!”

Liang Xiuqin understood that as long as Liang Xinyis problems werent brought to the table, the Yun family would just turn a blind eye.

But once they decided to lay the matter out in the open, they would eventually settle the bill on her.

This wretched girl Yun Xi was simply her nightmare.

“As long as she doesnt provoke me, I can turn a blind eye.”

Snorting softly, Yun Xi didnt bother talking to her mother anymore and turned around to go upstairs.

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