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Chapter 192: Dont Forget the Pain Just Because the Scar Has Healed

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“You…” Liang Xiuqin choked on her words, and her face turned pale with anger.

“Mom, are you trying to get the jade pendant”

Yun Xi smirked mockingly, her eyes shining with undisguised contempt.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you, but I asked Madame Chen to hold onto the jade pendant for me.

You could go to the Chen familys house to steal it if you dare.

Havent you stolen from the Jiang family once If you steal from the Chen family, perhaps Yun Ziling really will be able to marry into the Jiang family.”

“You! You wretched girl, you shut up! Dont think I cant handle you.”

Liang Xiuqin was trembling with anger at being threatened by Yun Xi face to face.

“Id already expected that you would try to steal it from my room, so I gave it to Madame Chen earlier.

Mom, if you are so desperate for the jade pendant, go to the Chen family home to pick it up yourself.

If you offend the Chen family or someone from the Chen family again and get sent to jail as a thief, I wonder whether or not Dad will bail you out The Chen family doesnt owe me any more favors now.

The favors that the Chen family owed me before have all been used up by you.

Now you want to steal from me, yet also want me to rescue you whenever youre in trouble.

Wouldnt you say that is a bit much”

“You, how dare you threaten me”

Yun Xis every word had insulted her, and the word “steal” alone was enough to make her eyelids twitch with anger.

This wretched girl had dared to threaten her with what had happened at the auction.

“Not a threat, just a reminder.

Dont forget the pain just because the scar has healed.”

Her mothers selfishness and stinginess were truly unsightly, and Yun Xi couldnt bear to look at her another moment.

“Sister, why are you talking to Mom like this You are crossing the line.

Second Young Master Jiang likes me, and Mom did all this for your sake.

If in the future word spreads that Second Young Master Jiang looks down on you, it wont look good for you.

Mom is doing all of this for your benefit, yet you dont even appreciate it.”

“Really! How impressive for you to be so understanding of all of Moms efforts.”

Yun Ziling was trying to throw her under the bus by pretending to be a Goody Two-shoes, but she wasnt falling for it.

Just as she was about to turn and finish walking upstairs, she suddenly thought of something and glanced at Liang Xiuqin coldly.

“Mom, I will warn you one last time.

If you dare to break in my door to poke your nose around again, I may decide to cause a scene.

So then dont blame me for spilling the beans on everything youve done to Dad.

A slap might not hurt and wont make you learn your lesson, but if the whip is used, then I cant guarantee you that you wont be ripped apart.

Youd better think it through.

Of course, if you want to dig your own grave, Im happy to oblige.”

Too unconcerned to look at her mothers eyes shooting daggers at her, Yun Xi turned around and went upstairs.

Soon, there was the muffled noise from downstairs of things being swept to the ground.

“Wretched girl! Just you wait.

See if I dont have the means to send you back to the country.”

Liang Xiuqin started yelling downstairs like a maniac.

“Mom, what should we do if the wretched girl doesnt agree”

“Dont worry, Mom will find a way.”

Liang Xiuqin felt that she had done something disgusting by giving birth to such a scourge.

Back in her room, Yun Xi looked at the door and drawer that had been pried open, as well as the clothes and books that had been turned topsy-turvy in her room.

She clenched her fists tightly to suppress her boiling rage.

She moved the snacks that Mu Feichi had brought her early that morning, just to prevent her mother from taking the opportunity to come in and search for her things.

Besides the consequences of things being discovered, her mother and Yun Zilings insufferable attitudes were enough to make her hide it from them out of spite.

Crouching down, she dragged out the safe from under the bed and unexpectedly found that there were slight burn marks on the surface of the box.

There was the smell of something burnt.

Looking at the fingerprints on the safe, she suddenly realized that this safe also had another mechanism.

If the password entered was wrong, electricity would discharge.

No wonder her mother was so furious.

She had probably had a terrible shock.

Mu Feichi had probably expected her mother to do something like this, so hed especially given it such a mechanism.

Her mother had gotten what she deserved.

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