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Chapter 189: Fighting Among Themselves

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Finally getting to show off in front of Yun Xi and having this opportunity to use Yun Ziling to shame her, Liang Xinyi could hardly control herself in her eagerness to put Yun Xi down.

Standing up, she walked over to Yun Xi and started mocking her.

“Yun Xi, since youre acting as if this situation really bothers you, perhaps youre angry”

Liang Xinyi smirked triumphantly, and the expression on her face became even more gloating when she thought of Jiang Henglins affection toward Yun Ziling.

“Oh, thats right, the Jiang familys second young master likes Ziling.

You didnt have many bargaining chips in the Yun family to begin with, and now you have one less.

No wonder you arent happy.”

“Be a good sport and hand in the jade pendant for the engagement early on, so that the whole family will be spared from suffering humiliation in the future.”

Yun Xi raised her eyes indifferently and, leaning against the back of the chair, tapped her fingers on the table.

Even though it was clearly a very casual and meaningless action, in Liang Xinyis eyes, it seemed to be a calculating move.

Liang Xinyi gripped her hands to make herself appear more confident.

She could tolerate small losses as long as she won in the grand scheme of things.

Yun Xi yawned.

She simply couldnt take someone as petty as Liang Xinyi seriously.

“Liang Xinyi, it seems that Yun Ziling has given you quite a few benefits, but you are not qualified to get the jade pendant from me.”

“Yun Xi, why are you so shameless Its not yours.

Second Young Master Jiang doesnt like you at all.

Dont you feel ashamed of yourself for holding on to something that doesnt belong to you”

“I like holding onto it.

Its none of your business, so you have no right to interfere.

If you all want the jade pendant back, the least you could do is to let Jiang Henglin send someone to ask me who is equal to my status.

Isnt status the most important thing among the rich and famous Yet you Youre not worthy.”

They were definitely not of the same status, so Yun Xi neednt bother paying any attention to her.

She never bullied people with her status.

Even if she was the eldest lady of the Yun family, she had never gloated about it.

Yet since Liang Xinyi had grown too big for her britches, Yun Xi felt that even though using her status as the first lady of the Yun family was a cheap shot, it was necessary to humiliate Liang Xinyi.

“You…” Sure enough, when she mentioned her status, Liang Xinyis face turned ugly.

She was staying with the Yun family, but not really of it.

In everyones eyes she was a superfluous person.

She was a nobody with no status, unlike that wretched girl Yun Xi, who was the eldest lady of the Yun family and represented the Yun family wherever she went.

Her situation was different.

What did the Liang family have

Nothing at all!

If she couldnt gain a foothold in Jingdu, everything she wanted would only be a dream.

She was not willing to let that happen.

The wretched girl Yun Xi was a scourge, who should rot in the countryside for her entire life.

How dare she have a life better than hers!

“Remember to convey what I said word by word to Jiang Henglin.”

Yun Xi stood up slowly and pulled out from the table a test paper that the teacher had given to her in private.

Gazing coldly at Liang Xinyi, who was grimacing, she decided to warn her.

“Liang Xinyi, you arent any less attractive than Yun Ziling, and your figure is better than hers.

Why is she the only one who gets Jiang Henglins attention Why do you have to be her little minion Youre a couple years older than she is.

Dont you feel ashamed of kissing up to her all the time”

Liang Xinyis eyes widened, and her lips trembled with anger.

She had always been so proud in the countryside.

After coming to Jingdu, shed kissed up to the sisters almost every day in order to please the Yun family and actually just to stay in the Yun familys home.

Yun Xi had struck a nerve by bruising her ego, her most sensitive part.

In front of the whole class, it made her feel more embarrassed than being slapped by her a few times.

“You, you shut up!”

Yun Xi shrugged with an innocent look on her face, then turned and walked outside as she chuckled.

She really wanted to see Yun Ziling and Liang Xinyi fighting among themselves for Jiang Henglins attention.

Only by causing such a ruckus would she not end up in the gutter.

Although Liang Xinyi didnt have much brains or ambition, compared to Yun Ziling, she was at least a level higher.

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