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Having been stopped, Jiang Qilin was suddenly no longer in such a hurry to leave.

Instead, he clasped his hands above his lap, which was covered with a thin blanket, and nonchalantly looked up at him as he leaned against the back of his wheelchair.

“Didnt you see for yourself at the wedding That girl is a wily fox.

Do you really think she would let anything happen to herself”

“I… Im just worried about her…”

Jiang Henglin thought it was not appropriate to share with Jiang Qilin what Chen Yichen had told him in confidence.

It was just that something so serious had happened, and if she really needed the Jiang family to step forward, his network of connections was evidently not as wide as Jiang Qilins.

“She isnt the one whos done wrong, so why are you worried Although Grandpa said we should help with whatever we can, you should also know that no one will want to dirty their feet in that muddy water! Since she is part of the Yun family, her reputation is bound to be affected by Yun Yuanfengs scandal.

Since she chose not to stand up for him, knowing how capable she is, she will find a way to solve her current predicament.”

Jiang Henglin had wanted to say more, but he quietly gulped down his words under Jiang Qilins deadly gaze.

“If you have time to worry about these things, why dont you put that effort into learning a thing or two at the company instead!”

Without giving him a chance to continue talking, Jing Yi—who stood behind Jiang Qilin—had already opened the car door and quickly helped Jiang Qilin into the car.

Staring at the car that had driven off, Jiang Henglin felt an inexplicable sense of helplessness.

To put it nicely, he was a man with all the freedom in the world, but when the opportunity came for him to shine, he did not have any power to help, let alone be of any use at all! The kind of power he lacked made him feel as though he had been wasting his life messing around all these years!

The car drove out of the neighborhood of the Big Four Conglomerate Families.

Jing Yi glanced at the man in the back seat, flipping through the newspaper.

“Boss, do we need to step forward in this matter”

“Do you think that girl would go into a battle unprepared That girl would have certainly been aware of that little detail regarding Yun Yuanfeng.

Just look at the incident from last night.

Judging from the information you gathered, she undoubtedly played a part in that.

However, the incident was blown out of proportion by others who had fanned the flames.”

“Yun Yuanfeng had only just caused a scene last night, and today he was met with two major incidents in a row.

First, our men reported that Lin Shuhua was fine after the operation last night, so how could she have just suddenly died And then, out of the blue, the higher-ups suddenly received evidence of Yun Yuanfengs corruption this morning.

Quite a coincidence, wouldnt you say Do you think perhaps theres a third party benefitting from all of this”

Jiang Qilin pondered for a moment as his dark eyes gazed at the street outside the car window.

In the end, he couldnt help himself and dialed Yun Xis number.

The phone was turned off, and no one answered, so he tried calling the bodyguard, Xiaosi, who was always following her around instead.

It just so happened that Yun Xi was in the car, and he immediately passed the phone to her.

“Are you okay I heard about Yun Yuanfeng.

How are things on your end”

“Im fine.

Its nothing I cant handle, so you dont have to worry.”

“If you need any help, just say the word.

I still owe you a favor after all.”

“Using your favor on this would be such a waste.

Its better that your family doesnt get involved in this, so just pretend that you havent heard anything.

It might get ugly for you if you intervene.”

“Since you put it that way, Im guessing you must have dealt with it.

So then, I guess I can stop worrying.

But Ill still say this.

Were friends, so dont hesitate to ask for help.”

“Thank you! There are still plenty of things that Ill need your help with in the future.

Just… just wait a while longer, and youll know everything!”

“Hearing you say that, Im guessing theres a bigger surprise coming.

Very well then, Ill be waiting for your good news.

I hope it doesnt turn out to be shocking news!”

There was no need for idle chitchat when conversing with a wise person.

After Jiang Qilin hung up the phone, he pondered for a while and still could not, for the life of him, figure out where that girl got her confidence from.

It would be difficult for the Yun family to stay in the clear after what happened to Yun Yuanfeng.

With her status as a first-class socialite, she was the most likely to get targeted, yet listening to her tone of voice, she seemed totally fine…

He was dying to find out what was coming next!

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