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The current situation was unfavorable for Yun Yuanfeng and the Yun family.

He had been hit with successive blows over just one night.

Forget Yun Yuanfeng.

If it were anyone else, they might not be able to handle the situation well either.

One after another, Yun Yuanfeng was charged with several charges, and on top of it all, involuntary manslaughter.

Forget about his future being ruined.

It was still unsure whether he would ever be released from prison after getting put away.

Initially, when she had planned this out, she never thought of being so ruthless, but when she saw Yun Yuanfeng knocking Lin Shuhua down the flight of stairs, all her careful planning went astray.

Lin Shuhua got her retribution for what she did, and Yun Yuanfeng was shoved into a corner with no way out.

When she considered that Yun Yuanfeng had been her father for all these years, she did not have the heart to be so ruthless.

However, the big fight they got into last night sparked her fuse, and it burned away the last bit of kindness she had left for him

Seeing that the girl still had remorse in her heart, Xiao Jinglin sighed softly.

“In life, parents and their children will inevitably drift apart with time.

This may seem like a painful loss for now, but as long as your conscience is clear and you learn to cherish what you have, it will all get better.”

“I know!” How could she not understand this simple truth But it was precisely because she understood that she did not wish to cause him any more pain.

After all, she had used Lin Shuhua and achieved her goal.

As they say, Gods plan supersedes our own, and God had certainly given her more opportunities than she had imagined.

And now that Yun Yuanfeng had ended up where he is today, his future was in ashes.

Xiaosi had just returned.

He took off his shoes and slipped into the indoor guest slippers, then made his way toward the two of them.

“Boss, Young Miss.

Yun Yuanfeng has been taken away from the military region residences.

To avoid affecting the Young Misss good name, they simply declared that they were taking him in for investigation without disclosing any further information to the public.

After hearing about his arrest, Yun Qingfeng rushed home immediately.

He is a businessman after all, and Yun Yuanfeng being held for investigation will impact his business.”

“How about Grandpa Is he okay” She had turned off her phone because she had anticipated that a certain someone might try to reach her.

Out of sight, out of mind.

She simply turned her phone off so that she would be none the wiser.

“The old man didnt show his face at all.

He didnt even show up when they went in to take Yun Yuanfeng away either.”

Yun Xi nodded.

The old man probably knew deep down what Yun Yuanfeng had done.

“Ill make a trip back after I finish breakfast.

I have to keep playing my part to watch this scandal play out.”


The news that Yun Yuanfeng had been arrested and that Lin Shuhuas relatives demanded justice quickly spread like wildfire.

When the Jiang family received the news, Jiang Henglin was in the corner of the room.

Recalling what Chen Yichen had told him last night, he silently glanced at Jiang Qilin.

He was dying to ask about the situation, but he held his tongue and kept it in.

No matter how ignorant he was, he could roughly guess who was behind it, especially at this juncture, when a series of events all happened so unexpectedly.

But, of course, he did not know how much that girl was involved.

However, if there was anything unfavorable to her, he certainly did not want to fan the flames.

It was untimely for the Jiang family to come forward at a moment like this, so Grandfather Jiang warned the rest of them at the dining table, “No one is allowed to make things worse for the Yun family right now.

We are to do what we can to help them in their time of need.”

The Jiang family had connections to upkeep.

Now that the Yun family was in such a pickle, everyone tried to get as far away as possible to save themselves.

Why would anyone want to rush in and get themselves stuck in this sticky situation

Jiang Qilin had some inside scoop.

However, Yun Yuanfengs arrest happened too suddenly, and he could not help but worry that the girl might have been affected by it, so he took advantage of the good weather and simply made up an excuse to head out.

As soon as Jiang Henglin saw that Jiang Qilin was headed for the door, he quickly caught up with him and held onto Jiang Qilins wheelchair, stopping him in his tracks.

“Brother, that girl… d-do you think shell be okay”

Jiang Qilin glanced at him.

The worry on the boys face did not seem ingenuine, but unfortunately for the girl, his concern for her now was just unwarranted self-gratification.

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