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The wedding fell through before it could even take place.

Han Yaotian had made up his mind to delay the engagement, so he casually offered to send Qiao Ximin back to her house.

“Minmin, what do you think of tonights turn of events”

Han Yaotian randomly started a conversation with Qiao Ximin, knowing that she was feeling sullen and was not in the mood to talk.

Her mind was probably thinking about Han Mings proposal or how to tell him that she wanted to postpone the wedding.

And if that were the case, then he was going to give her this chance!

“What” Hearing Han Yaotians question, Qiao Ximin snapped back from her wandering mind and turned to look at the man in the drivers seat.

She repeated her question uncertainly, “What did you say”

“I said, what do you think about the turn of events tonight” Han Yaotian smirked teasingly, then repeated himself patiently without a change of expression.

“What do I think Who can the Yun family blame for their own bad luck After all, the Wang family didnt want a child, and it was Yun Yuanfeng who really wanted a son.

He was even willing to be a father to someone elses kid.

But then Mrs.

Wang had to come and cause a scene, ruining everything for everyone.

Although it makes sense that the cursed Yun Xi would have such a lousy father.

Well, it serves her right to get humiliated along with him!”

Those who were in attendance this evening were none other than the Big Four Conglomerate Families, along with a couple of other prestigious families.

And all for a pesky little Yun family—those prestigious families had traveled all that way just to attend Yun Yuanfengs wedding.

What other reason could they have to come, if not for the sake of Yun Xi being a first-class socialite Well, served her right! Now the so-called “first-class socialite” has completely humiliated herself! All in all, she certainly enjoyed watching the drama unfold, especially after seeing Yun Xi meet with such misfortune!

With such burdensome baggage as the Yun family, what did it matter that Young Commander Mu fancied her Marriages between rich and powerful families have always required the right match.

Even if they liked each other now, that did not mean she could marry into the Mu family in the future.

She was going to wait around and see how long Yun Xi could stay on her high horse!

Han Yaotian focused his gaze on the road, without rushing to defend Yun Xi.

Instead, he simply changed the subject.

“Im a little traumatized after all the havoc that happened today, especially now that Han Zhongteng is eyeing to be the heir.

Ive also heard of how he recently tortured Liang Xinyi just to please Yun Xi.

If he were to do the same to me, the Han family and Qiao family would never survive the humiliation.”

Qiao Ximin turned her head in surprise, and for a moment she could not understand what Han Yaotian was implying, so she simply did not speak.

“Originally, our engagement banquet was scheduled for Valentines Day.

I wanted to make sure the day would be a beautiful memory for you to look back on, but Im worried that we wouldnt be able to make our best preparations with such limited time.

It would be bad if something similar happened.

What do you say if we postpone the engagement so that I can have someone prepare it properly just to avoid any mishaps Everything that relates to you matters to me, and I dont want to leave any room for regrets.”

“Postpone the engagement…” Qiao Ximin was worried she could not come up with a good enough reason to postpone their engagement, so she was pleasantly surprised to hear that Han Yaotian was on the same page as her.

That certainly saved her the headache! It seemed she owed it to tonights events for giving him wedding jitters, or she would have struggled to come up with a good excuse! What a coincidence that the moment Yun Xi was struck with misfortune, she was the one that lucked out!

“Yes, I think having more time to prepare well would be good so that something like today doesnt happen.

Do you know what I mean”

“Yes, of course.

If something like today happened to us, it wouldnt be good for anyone at all! Youre absolutely right.

The Han family and the Qiao family would be extremely humiliated.”

“Its settled then.

The invitations havent been sent out, so I will have someone push back the engagement and make new arrangements for it tomorrow.”

Qiao Ximin was just praying to have the engagement delayed, and since he suddenly proposed the idea, she didnt even bother considering it and agreed right away.

Thinking of Han Mings proposal, although Qiao Ximin was moved by his words, she had to be cautious.

Compared with Han Yaotians ambition, Han Ming was an insane lunatic through and through.

She did not need to intervene in the two brothers fight, but that didnt mean she couldnt use it to her benefit.

Although Han Ming had helped her get her hands on the Qiao family, she could also use Han Yaotian to get rid of Han Ming.

Once Han Ming was dead, wouldnt the Han family belong to Han Yaotian just as well When that happens, she could get even more out of Han Yaotian.

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