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Qiao Ximin had watched a good show that evening, especially when she saw how unlucky Yun Xi was.

She almost wanted to clap and cheer!

So what if she was the top socialite Being dragged down by such a family, the Yun family would lose face tonight.

How good could her reputation as the top socialite be

Some b*tches had no choice in their birth circumstances.

She could only blame herself for being born into the wrong family and being dragged down by them.

Han Yaotian looked at Yun Xi with some heartache.

She probably didnt expect the wedding to end up like this.

However, it was fortunate that such a stepmother didnt marry into the family.

Otherwise, she would have to suffer in the future.

“Miss Yun, theres no need to send us off.

Well leave first!”

Han Yaotian nodded slightly at her and left with the gloating Qiao Ximin.

He had already found an excuse to postpone the wedding due to the unexpected incident at the wedding today.

He did not need Qiao Ximin to say anything, as he had suggested it himself to avoid being disadvantaged.

Su Ximan was originally here to watch the show.

After watching the show, she didnt stay any longer and didnt let Yun Xi send her off.

She directly called the driver to leave.

Yun Xi gave her an apologetic smile and turned around to look at Yun Chuhan, quietly ordering, “Little sister, help send the guests away! No matter what, you cannot be rude.”

“Okay, I got it!” Yun Chuhan was in a good mood now.

Not only was her stepmother gone, even her younger brother, who had yet to be born, was gone!

The threat to her had disappeared overnight.

No one could threaten her anymore.

How could she not be happy

When she heard Yun Xi tell her to send the guests off, she happily walked to the door and imitated the way she spoke just now, starting to send the guests off.

Chen Yichen carried Jiang Henglin out of the banquet hall.

Yun Xi personally sent him to the parking lot outside.

Jiang Henglin wanted to stay and help, but Chen Yichens gaze made him listless.

“Lass.” Chen Yichen wound down the car window from the backseat and turned to look at the girl who was standing outside the car with her head lowered.

“This drastic move today was not beautiful enough.”

Yun Xi was stunned for a moment, her lips curling up slightly as she raised her eyes to look at the gentle and elegant man in the car.

Under the dim yellow light, the mans handsome face in the car was suffused with a faint, gentle light.

When his dark eyes landed on her, she could almost clearly feel the sharpness and understanding that were projected from those eyes.

She raised her eyebrows slightly and said humbly, “Please guide me, Eldest Heir.”

“If it were me, I would use a more direct and ruthless method.

I wouldnt hurt my reputation or face.

Youre not ruthless enough on this point.”

Chen Yichen paused for a moment and chuckled softly.

He seemed to be a little helpless and understanding at the same time.

“Perhaps you cant be cruel to the Yun family.”

If she was ruthless enough, she wouldnt have to wait for Mrs.

Wang to come to the wedding.

“Although Ive only been back for two years, Grandfather has been the one who raised me all these years.

I dont care about other people, but Grandfather is getting on in his years.

I cant be too heartless.

This is my bottom line, dont you think”

Chen Yichen nodded.

“Just let me know if you need any help.

Theres no need to be so polite between the two of us.”

The car started, and Jiang Henglin, who had been wanting to say something, didnt manage to open his mouth.

After listening for a long while, he finally understood that the show tonight was arranged by this girl.

“This girl is using her reputation to scheme against Yun Yuanfeng.

What exactly does she want to do She should understand the principle ofbeing bound together for good or ill!”

Chen Yichen tilted his head and glanced at Jiang Henglin.

“Youll understand when its time for you to know.

Moreover, youve already canceled the engagement.

Why are you so concerned about her”

“Dont you care about her too Tsk… So the pot is calling the kettle black now”

Chen Yichen smiled.

Jiang Henglins temperament could not be compared to Jiang Qilins.

He did not know why his grandfather chose him as his heir.

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