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“Yuanfeng, listen to me.

I really didnt do anything wrong to you.

Im carrying our son.

Everything she said was a lie.”

On the platform on the second floor, Lin Shuhua didnt give up and tried to defend herself.

She pulled on Yun Yuanfengs sleeve and desperately wanted to explain herself.

Yun Yuanfengs expression was a little dazed.

He was now cuckolded and was a father to a child that wasnt his.

Just a moment ago, he was so pleased with himself, but at this moment, his face was slapped so hard that it hurt!

After waiting for more than a decade, the joy of finally having a son lingered in his mind.

Lin Shuhuas betrayal and the DNA test report completely wiped his remaining calmness and self-control.

How glorious it was to be standing at the top of the world just now, and how ridiculous it was now that he had become everyones joke!

However, Lin Shuhua shamelessly leaned over and tried to explain herself.

He looked at Lin Shuhuas lame choice of words and explanation and felt that it was extremely ironic and ridiculous.

He might be able to accept Lin Shuhua making a cuckold out of him, but his son, whom he had been looking forward to for almost twenty years, suddenly became someone elses b*stard child.

This blow became the last straw that broke his heart.

The woman he had taken care of with all his heart for the past half year had become a sharp knife that stabbed his heart.

He felt disgusted just by being touched!

He abruptly pulled back the sleeve she was holding onto and slapped the shameless woman in front of him.

Lin Shuhua was so angry that she was in a daze.

Yun Yuanfeng gave her a tight slap, causing her to see stars.

She staggered and did not notice that there was a staircase behind her.

As she was unfamiliar with the area, she missed her footing and fell down the stairs behind her.

“Ah—” A sharp scream tore through the noisy discussion.

The guests in the living room watched helplessly as Lin Shuhua missed her footing and tumbled down the stairs.

They all gasped in shock, their eyes wide open!

Yun Yuanfeng was also in shock.

He had never imagined that he would slap her until she fell down the stairs!

As he watched Lin Shuhua roll from the second floor to the first floor, his mind went blank!

At that moment, as he looked at the guests in the living room on the first floor, whispering to each other, there was only one thought in his mind.

He was doomed! He was doomed!

His son was gone, and so was his future…

A muffled bump sounded on the first floor.

Everyone came back to their senses, but no one dared to go forward to support her.

It was as if they were frightened by this sudden accident.

Yun Xi also had a fright when she saw Lin Shuhua rolling down the stairs.

This was not part of her plan.

After all, no matter the grudges between the adults, the child was innocent.

However, with such a fall, the child might not be able to survive.

If Lin Shuhua suffered a miscarriage during her six-month pregnancy, she might not even be able to keep her uterus.

Many of the guests who were present had witnessed Yun Yuanfeng slapping her until she fell down the stairs.

No matter what, Yun Yuanfeng will probably be held accountable tomorrow.

Especially since so many leaders from other departments were present, if she added fuel to the fire, Yun Yuanfeng would become the target of public criticism.

A small matter of being made a cuckold would also become a serious matter of intentional injury.

Yun Yuanfeng, as the director, would not be able to answer anyone.

Yao Ying was also shocked when Lin Shuhua fell down the stairs.

Her heart softened, and she hurriedly ran forward to help Lin Shuhua up from the floor.

But unfortunately, Lin Shuhua had already fainted from the pain, and her scarlet blood stained the red carpet and her fiery red dress.

Yun Xi sighed as she walked away from the crowd.

She said to Zhao Yumo in a low voice, “Yumo, call the 999 emergency line!”

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