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“Ive long suspected that Wang Qingpeng, that b*stard, is having an affair.

You went to the hospital for a pregnancy test the day before yesterday, and I received this paternity test right after that! Even if you dont admit it, our Wang family wont want this b*stard child!”

“What nonsense are you spouting The child has nothing to do with you! This is my child with Yuanfeng!”

Lin Shuhua saw Yun Yuanfeng staring at the DNA report with an increasingly ugly expression and felt even more uncertain.

“Yuanfeng, dont listen to her nonsense! This is our son…”


Wang looked at Lin Shuhuas shameless face coldly and sneered.

“Director Yun, its none of our business if you want to be a father to this child.

Im not dead yet! How dare you seduce my husband, you b*tch Just you wait.

If I dont kill you, my surname isnt Yang!”

Lin Shuhua was afraid that Yun Yuanfeng wouldnt listen to her explanation.

She was even more afraid that Mrs.

Wang would say more and make the situation worse.

Lin Shuhua couldnt explain herself at all, so she hysterically yelled at Mrs.


“Youre a b*tch, yet you still want to set up a memorial!” Turning around, Mrs.

Wang shouted at Wang Qingpeng in the hall on the first floor.

“Wang Qingpeng, this is the mistress youve been keeping.

I didnt know that you would give the woman you slept with to another man for the sake of a high position and even coax her to help you seek a higher position.

Youre shameless!”

If it werent for the recording just now, perhaps everyone would really suspect Lin Shuhuas words and think that the DNA test report was fake.

But now that everyone had heard the recording, there was no doubt that Lin Shuhua had an affair.

In addition, Wang Qingpeng had slipped up during the recording.

His mention ofour son was undoubtedly the best answer.

It was useless, even if Lin Shuhua refused to admit it.

Everyone already had their answers to the childs identity.

Coupled with the sudden DNA paternity test, it was already embarrassing for her husband to have an extramarital affair.

Moreover, this affair resulted in an illegitimate child.

Anyone would want to know who the illegitimate child belonged to, and no one would be stupid enough to stake their claim on the child.

This time, Mrs.

Wang had given up on her husband.

Her husband had done such a shameless thing behind her back.

Anyone would feel disgusted!

What was even more unexpected was that not only did Wang Qingpeng give his woman and child to someone else for the sake of a high official position, but he even managed to convince the other party to pave the way for his future.

It simply subverted everyones values!

On the other hand, Yun Yuanfeng, who was fathering a child that wasnt his, instantly became a joke in everyones eyes!


Wang looked at Yun Yuanfeng, whose hands were trembling so much that he almost couldnt hold the report.

She didnt know if she felt sympathy or pity for this man.

They were both men, but Yun Yuanfeng could only be considered pitiful because he was cheated on, while her man was even more detestable! He should be hacked into pieces!

On the way here, she had promised the person who gave her the DNA test report and recording not to punish him herself.

If she killed this b*stard, it would dirty her own hands.

Anyway, with the biggest sucker, Yun Yuanfeng, around, Mrs.

Wang did not believe that he would dare to make a cuckold out of himself in front of so many leaders and guests!

With a cold laugh, she turned around and adjusted the jacket on her body domineeringly.

“Since I disturbed Director Yuns wedding today, you can have this b*stard if you want! Just treat it as compensation for messing up your wedding today! Anyway, our Wang family wont accept it.

Even if she dares to send him back, Ill still kill him!”

Without waiting for Yun Yuanfengs reply, Mrs.

Wang turned around and walked down the stairs.

When she reached Wang Qingpengs side, she glared at him coldly and waved her hand.

“Lets go!”

Wang Qingpeng was like a wilted eggplant, allowing Mrs.

Wangs two brothers to drag him out.

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