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Almost everyone caught the main point in the shortest amount of time and also saw a good show today.

Even if they couldnt tell who the voice in the recording pen belonged to, they had already mentioned Yun Yuanfengs name,our son, andpaved the way for your future. No matter how foolish they were, they could tell that something fishy was going on!

“Director Yun, how about now Do you understand what I mean”

It took Yun Yuanfeng a long time to react.

He turned to look at Lin Shuhua.

He clearly heard Lin Shuhuas voice.

That man…

He couldnt care less about any man right now.

All he wanted was an answer.

“You, explain to me what is going on!”

Yun Yuanfeng looked at the aggrieved Lin Shuhua, then at Mrs.

Wang, who had made an aggressive entrance today.

In the end, he didnt know who to ask.

“How would I know! She must have made it up! I dont even know her!”

“Who is that man Tell me!”

For a moment, Lin Shuhua did not know how to explain.

However, she was afraid that everything would go down the drain if she spoke a word.

So, she started crying.

She refused to admit it shamelessly and kept throwing tantrums at Mrs.


“I have no idea what shes talking about.

She framed me! I dont even know what happened!”

“She didnt say anything, nor did she say it was you.

Are you admitting that youre the woman in the recording”

Yun Yuanfengs last sliver of hope was immediately extinguished by Lin Shuhuas nervousness and her reaction.

Initially, he could still lie to himself with some doubts.

But now, with Lin Shuhuas unreasonable attitude and shameless behavior, she had exposed herself as the guilty party.

“I didnt admit it! This has nothing to do with me! I didnt say those things! I didnt say anything!”

“Its okay if you refuse to admit it.

Do you think I came here without any preparation”


Wang sneered and turned to look at Yun Yuanfeng, who was on the verge of exploding.

“Director Yun, dont tell me youve always thought that the b*stard in this womans stomach is yours!”

“What do you mean by that Whose child could it be if not mine!”

Even if he had doubts about the conversation that was played, and even if the conversation could be faked, Yun Yuanfeng had no choice but to be careful when it came to the child.

He would not give anyone the chance to threaten him.

“Then youre thinking too much.

The illegitimate child in her stomach belongs to her and Wang Qingpeng, not you, Director Yun! I didnt expect you to be so happy, even though youre a father to a child that doesnt belong to you!”


Wang waved her hand carelessly.

She did not care how ugly Yun Yuanfengs expression was as she passed the two DNA tests her brother handed over to him.

“It cant be that Director Yun doesnt even know how to read, right These are two paternity tests.

The illegitimate child in her womb is already six months old.

The DNA samples can be extracted from fetal amniotic fluid and the parents DNA for testing.

You can take a good look at the two tests and see if this child is yours!”

Perhaps afraid that Yun Yuanfeng would not take it, Mrs.

Wang directly slapped the two documents on his chest.

Yun Yuanfengs hands trembled as he held them.

Lin Shuhua was guilty in her heart.

She didnt know what kind of DNA test had been done, so she reached out to snatch it.

Yun Yuanfeng took the DNA test report and turned around to block her from snatching it away.

“I didnt do any DNA test.

This is a fake! She faked it! The child is still in my stomach.

Im the childs mother.

Dont I know who the father is”

Lin Shuhua had no idea how the DNA test came about.

Now that the situation was pressing, she had no time to care either.

Since she was the childs mother, as long as she didnt admit it, no one would dare do anything to her!

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