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“What kind of person are you! Why did you come to my wedding to cause trouble! Cant you go back and settle your family matters Must you come to my wedding to cause trouble!”

He knew Wang Qingpeng, who was being held back by the two burly men.

Wang Qingpeng was the chief of the city bureau and seemed to be Lin Shuhuas distant cousin.

“Director Yun, dont be anxious! After listening to my explanation, it would be more appropriate for you to get angry!”

Lin Shuhua had probably guessed something.

When she saw Mrs.

Wang walking up to the second floor, she instantly panicked!

She did not intend to give her a chance to speak.

Holding her six-month-old belly, she pointed at Mrs.

Wang and reprimanded loudly, “Where are the security guards at the villa What are they doing Cant they see that these people are here to cause trouble Quickly throw them out…”

Before Lin Shuhua could finish her sentence, Mrs.

Wang saw Lin Shuhua hugging her stomach.

The fire that was already burning fiercely exploded.

The moment she stepped onto the platform, she raised her hand and slapped Lin Shuhuas face.

Lin Shuhua staggered and bumped into Yun Yuanfeng, almost dragging him to the ground.

“You!” Yun Yuanfeng finally managed to steady Lin Shuhua.

He frowned and glared at the fierce Mrs.



Wang, how can you hit people as you please This is my wedding.

If you want to cause trouble, please leave!”

Even though she was the wife of Lin Shuhuas distant relative, he couldnt let her continue making a scene here.

“I feel like Ive dirtied my hands by slapping you!” Mrs.

Wang glared at Lin Shuhua, the b*tch, before turning to Yun Yuanfeng and laughing mockingly.

“Im afraid Director Yun still doesnt know who the b*stard in this womans stomach belongs to”

“You b*tch! Get out! Security! Security—”

Lin Shuhua was afraid that Mrs.

Wang would make a move, but she was also worried that she would lose her child and her bargaining chip.

She was even more afraid that she would say something that would completely cut off her escape route.

She would rather die than let her speak.

She stood in front of Yun Yuanfeng and tried to push Mrs.

Wang away.

However, she was pregnant after all.

She was not even half as strong as Mrs.



Wang slapped Lin Shuhua a few more times in anger until Lin Shuhua saw stars.

Yun Yuanfeng was also angry.

He supported Lin Shuhua and retreated a few steps away from Mrs.


“Director Yun, youd better tell this b*tch to shut up.

Otherwise, I dont mind giving her a few more slaps so that she can see who I am! Since Im here today, I have no intention of going back until this matter is resolved!”

“What exactly do you want Cant we talk privately after the wedding”

Yun Yuanfeng knew very well that no matter how big the matter was, if todays wedding were to be blown off, he would not be able to keep his dignity.

He might even become the laughing stock of the entire Jingdu tomorrow!

“It will be too late to talk about it tomorrow.

Director Yun, you will regret it!”


Wang sneered coldly.

With a wave of her hand, her younger brother, who was in the living room on the first floor, rushed up to the second-floor platform with a loudspeaker and handed it to Mrs.



Wang took out a recording pen from her pocket, pressed the play button, and placed it beside the loudspeaker.

The contents of the recording pen were quickly transmitted to the entire banquet hall through the loudspeaker.

“Especially since I am already six months along.

Im still hoping to rely on him to marry Yun Yuanfeng and pave the way for your future!”

“Dont worry! Yun Yuanfeng cares a lot about his son.

Even if it wasnt for you, he wouldnt have let our son become an illegitimate child…”

“…” The mans voice and the womans voice from the loudspeaker instantly ignited the crowd of guests who were watching the show quietly.

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