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Jiang Henglin took the invitation from her.

She knew that this matter couldnt be hidden from Jiang Qilin.

Since he had agreed to let Jiang Henglin come, it meant that Jiang Qilin wasnt coming.

It was fine as long as one of their brothers was the representative.

In any case, no matter who came, the Jiang family had already shown their stance and given the Yun family sufficient face.

Yun Xi looked around.

Wang Qingpeng, the supporting character, had also arrived.

She was a little curious.

How did he feel seeing his woman marry another man while pregnant with his child

If she had not experienced being used and plotted against in her previous life, she might not have understood what power meant to men.

For people like Yun Yuanfeng and Wang Qingpeng, power and their future will always come first.

Women, love, and children all had to take a backseat.

Yun Xi looked at Yun Yuanfeng, who was in high spirits as he received the guests.

This was perhaps the happiest and most unforgettable day of his life.

Quite a number of people arrived on the dot.

Chen Yichen brought his secretary over, and shortly after, Han Yaotian entered with Qiao Ximin.

The moment the two of them arrived, they immediately attracted everyones attention.

It seemed that Han Yaotian had put in a lot of effort to invite Qiao Ximin to this event, especially since it was about her old enemy.

He had saved her from sending out an extra invitation.

The people from the Big Four Conglomerate Families were all present.

They had given Yun Yuanfeng and the Yun family sufficient face.

Han Yaotian led Qiao Ximin through the crowd.

When he saw Yun Xi standing by the window, he greeted Yun Yuanfeng before walking toward her with Qiao Ximin in his arm.

“Congratulations, Miss Yun!” Han Yaotian stopped in his tracks and congratulated her with a polite smile on his handsome face.

“Thank you for coming.

Welcome!” Yun Xi nodded slightly.

Her gaze landed on Qiao Ximin, who had a cold expression on her face, and she raised her eyebrows slightly.

“I heard that Chairman Han and Miss Qiaos good news is coming soon, so I have to congratulate Chairman Han first!”

“Youre too kind, Miss Yun! If Miss Yun is free, please grace us with your presence at our wedding banquet.”

“Of course! Its a major life event for Chairman Han, so how can I not attend”

Yun Xi smiled and narrowed her eyes at Qiao Ximins resentful expression.

The smile on her face was as bright as the mockery in her heart.

She could now control her emotions very well.

The love and hatred in her past life were now the sharpest knives in her hands.

So what if Qiao Ximin was jealous and resentful As long as she was a member of the Qiao family, her destiny would be out of her control.

Xiaosi changed into a formal suit and entered through the main door.

His sharp eyes swept the surroundings, and after finding Yun Xi, who was surrounded by a group of people by the window, he walked over.

“Young Miss!” Xiaosi called out respectfully.

Some of the surrounding guests had brought their sons over to try and build connections for their future.

Hearing this respectful voice, they all turned to look at Xiaosi.

“Uncle, auntie, Im really sorry.

I have something to attend to, so Ill excuse myself for a moment.

Please make yourselves at home!”

With a smile on her face, Yun Xi shot a look at Zhao Yumo at the side, waiting for her to greet the guests while she followed Xiaosi out of the side door.

She looked around sharply, and after confirming that there was no one around, she whispered, “What happened”

“I just saw Han Ming enter the villa!”

“What Why is he here I didnt invite him!”

Yun Xi was also stunned.

She didnt expect that lunatic Han Ming to come to this type of place!

That lunatic never played by the rules.

She hoped he would not spoil her plans!

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