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Upon seeing him, Su Ximan immediately sat up straight, the chopsticks in her hand almost falling to the ground.

She had just reminded Yun Xi to be careful of Qi Siyu in the morning, and tonight, Qi Siyus younger brother had come looking for her.

Could it be that this brother and sister were really going to fight head-on with this girl

She turned around and looked at Yun Xi, who was beside her.

She nudged her elbow.

“Should I excuse myself”

Yun Xi shook her head, directly ignoring the man sitting on the other side.

“Theres no need.

Who knows if Young Master Qi is also here to pass time”

Although the two of them had fought side by side the last time and the trouble was targeted at her, he was implicated by her.

But in the end, he asked for it.

Coupled with the fact that Qi Siyu had sent people to kidnap her, she really did not have a good impression of the siblings.

“Im here to see you!” Qi Yichen called the attendant over.

He ordered a cup of coffee and leaned against the booth.

He was wearing a dark blue windbreaker and trousers and had crossed his long legs.

The burgundy sofa made his handsome face look even more sinister.

“Young Master Qi, if you have something to say, please just say it!” After setting down the bowl and chopsticks, Yun Xi pulled out a tissue to wipe her mouth.

When she saw him, she didnt have much of an appetite.

“Why Do you not welcome me We are friends who have gone through thick and thin with each other.

I have yet to repay the life-saving debt I owe you!”

“I told you, theres no need to return the favor!” Was this person done yet Why did he insist on this matter

“How can I do that” Qi Yichen picked up the coffee cup on the table.

He raised his eyebrows and looked at the sullen girl opposite him.

“I owe you a favor for saving my life.

If you dont want me to marry you, I have to find another way to repay you!”

“Are you trying to cling onto me now” If she had known that she would be inviting trouble, she would never have saved him!

“How can it be considered that Im clinging onto you Im rushing here to repay your kindness! Our Qi family is a scholarly family, after all.

We should at least reciprocate your kindness, right”

When dealing with this type of scoundrel, Yun Xi discovered that she really overestimated her temper!

Why were all the descendants of the aristocratic families more useless than the other

Qi Yichen stared at the vivid expression on her face without changing his expression.

Even if she was angry, her delicate face was still full of vitality.

It was like when he was carrying out a mission in the desert.

The flower that bloomed tenaciously in the cracks of the ground was uniquely beautiful and proud.

He had been in Jingdu for so many years and had seen all kinds of women.

No matter if it was his sister, a perfect and haughty lady from a wealthy family, or an ordinary person like Liang Xinyi, who was so lowly that she was like dust to him, none of them was as vivid and exciting as this girl.

He seemed to understand now why a proud and arrogant Young Commander like Mu Feichi would fall for such a girl.

There was an indescribable charm about her that drew others to her unconsciously.

“Theres nothing you can do, even if you regret it now.

Youve already saved me!” Qi Yichen shrugged, looking helpless and innocent.

He also did not understand why he had to be entangled in this.

It seemed like he had no other excuse to get close to her.

Su Ximan quietly watched the two of them bickering, but her eyes were fixed on Qi Yichen.

She neither spoke nor interrupted their conversation, and acted as if she was invisible.

It was obvious that Qi Yichen was here for Yun Xi, but one could only guess what his true intentions were.

If one were to say that he liked Yun Xi, that might not necessarily be the case.

His frivolous attitude didnt reveal the slightest bit of truth.

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