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Gritting her teeth, Liang Xinyi pushed the man lying on top of her away with a stiff smile and quickly brought a glass of red wine over.

“President Zhang, everyones here to enjoy themselves today.

Dont let them stare at us.

Come, let me toast you.”

The glass of red wine that was brought to her mouth prevented President Zhang from taking advantage of her.

He held Liang Xinyis hand and allowed her to drink the entire glass of wine.

Before the man could react, she had already changed her target and directed the topic to the girls opposite her.

She immediately changed the topic and conveniently got rid of the disgusting face of the man.

However, he did not pull his hand away from her skirt.

He used the tight skirt to stroke her legs from time to time.

Su Ximan looked coldly at how Liang Xi handled the man with ease.

Liang Xinyis tactics and methods really impressed her!

“I have to say, shes really suited for this line of work.

Look at how happy the person shes serving is.

She even knows how to play tricks at the right time, warding off these men until theyre stunned.

Its only been a few days and shes already doing so well.

Shes quite talented in this aspect!”

“When she is at her wits end, there are many things that she does not need to learn.

The hatred in her heart is as much as she can tolerate now.

In a desperate situation, people would think of all ways to survive.”

Yun Xi knew very well that Liang Xinyi was willing to do anything to climb the social ladder.

Her desire for power and wealth was stronger than Chen Lixue and Liang Danyis, and even more so than many others.

Otherwise, she would not have made a deal with Han Zhongteng, who was a devil to her.

She had chosen this path from the very beginning.

If she made the wrong choice, she could only continue walking until the end.

There was no turning back.

Qi Yichen was about to go home when he received the message that Yun Xi had gone to Golden Palace.

Without thinking, he asked Lu Zheng to drive the car to the entrance of Golden Palace.

“Boss, what are you doing here With that girls capabilities, do you still need to worry about her being bullied”

Although Golden Palace was chaotic and full of different characters, it was not a messy entertainment venue.

Those who could enter and go inside would usually not cause any trouble.

“Since I have nothing to do, Ill go in and take a look.

You can either follow me in or wait here.”

“Ill wait here! Its too noisy inside.”

Lu Zheng took out his laptop to check his email.

He had never liked places like nightclubs, let alone being the third wheel.

Qi Yichen ignored him and walked straight in.

The attendant recognized him and came forward to take him to an empty seat.

He waved his hand and asked where Liang Xinyi was before turning around and going up to the second floor.

That girl must have come here for Liang Xinyi.

She would be wherever she was, so he didnt have to spend much effort to find her.

As expected, the moment he reached the second floor, he saw the two of them sitting in the booth.

Then, he looked at Liang Xinyi, who was sitting diagonally opposite them, and smiled slightly as he walked forward.

Liang Xinyi noticed Qi Yichen the moment he stepped into the booth on the second floor.

She thought he was here for her and was about to stand up to greet him, hoping that he could get rid of this difficult President Zhang for her.

However, as soon as she stood up, she saw him suddenly turn around, sitting directly in the seat across from Yun Xi.

The smile that was originally on her face immediately froze.

Yun Xi noticed the disappointment on Liang Xinyis face.

She turned around and met the mans lazy gaze opposite her.

She couldnt help but retract her gaze and hide the emotions in her eyes.

It seemed that her guess was right.

Liang Xinyi and Qi Yichen knew each other.

She had been reduced to being a hostess, yet Qi Yichen did not help

She had always felt that Qi Yichen was not a simple man, and she could not tell his depths.

She also felt this when she was looking at Mu Feichi.

She could at least read Mu Feichis mind, but she could not see through this man.

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