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Once Wei Lin left, Yun Xi finally released a sigh of relief.

She really didnt enjoy this type of life of being served by others.

Su Ximan shook her head and sighed.

“Youre so useless.

Youre the boss in front of him.

His attitude determines his strength.

If hes not professional enough toward you, the manager of Golden Palace might have to change tomorrow! You have to get used to your current status!”

“Im not used to using my status to bully people!” She wasnt like Liang Xinyi, who couldnt wait to be high and mighty and step all over everyone.

She had never looked down on herself, nor had she ever been humble to the point of undermining her own abilities.

She didnt need to find a sense of superiority or existence in the eyes of others.

Su Ximan nodded, a little envious.

“Actually, Im quite envious of you.

You and Liang Xinyi both came from the countryside, so your frame of mind is much better than hers.

With her character that is higher than the sky, she deserves her ending today!”

As she said this, she raised her eyes and looked at Liang Xinyi, who was smiling and wearing a sexy dress, performing her hostess duty in the booth opposite them.

Her eyes were filled with disdain and contempt.

If Liang Xinyi had been more well-behaved, she might not have ended up like this.

When she was at the Feng familys house, she could tell at one glance that this girl was restless.

At such a young age, her thoughts were foolish.

When the rumors about her and Han Zhongteng surfaced, people despised her even more.

It was not wrong for her to want to climb the social ladder, but with such low-level methods, she could never climb her way into their circle.

Following her line of sight, Yun Xi looked at someone taking advantage of Liang Xinyi when she approached them to drink.

This was the second time she saw Liang Xinyi working as a hostess at a place like a bar.

Previously, Liang Xinyi had tried to scheme against her and had been taken advantage of by the PE teacher.

She had endured the humiliation and wanted to kill her.

This time, she was doing it to survive and leave the country.

Perhaps she was still dreaming of climbing up the social ladder to become someone at the top.

But this time, no one would give her a second chance.

Even if there was, Yun Xi would ensure that she blocked all her escape routes!

Seeing Liang Xinyi struggle with her immense hatred while still hoping to break into the elite circles was a better punishment than letting her die.

She would punish everyone who had hurt her in her previous life.

After being forced to drink several glasses of wine, Liang Xinyi suddenly felt a burning sensation in her stomach.

She had to smile and endure the man next to her who was groping her.

Liang Xinyi felt a hand that was moist and hot on her leg.

She looked up and saw Su Ximan and Yun Xi staring at her.

The smile on her face froze.

While she was unprepared, the fat mans hand suddenly reached into her skirt.

When she came back to her senses, she suddenly clamped her legs together.

The mans hand was stuck in her tight skirt, so he decided not to remove it and to explore further.

What followed was the mans wretched smile.

He leaned close to her exposed collarbone and stared straight at her cleavage as he swallowed his saliva.

His breath reeked of alcohol as he pounced on her, making her feel nauseous.

After enduring for a few days, she originally thought that she had already gotten used to this kind of identity and job, but now that she was being stared at by the person she hated the most, the overwhelming hatred suddenly overturned all her feelings.

She immediately felt humiliated, as if she had been stripped naked and was being watched by others.

However, she did not dare push away the man who was practically leaning on her and taking advantage of her.

The slaps and curses she received when she first arrived were enough to make her remember.

The girls beside her were the same.

They had adapted to this kind of work earlier than she had.

Chen Lixue was arrested, and she had no money or capability.

Liang Xinyi knew better than anyone what would happen to her if she was kicked out of this place!

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