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Stepping onto the first floor of the Golden Palace, Yun Xi handed the card in her hand to the attendant.

The attendant only glanced at the card she handed over, and his expression immediately became respectful.

“This way, please.

Your exclusive private room is upstairs.”

“I wont be going up today.

Call your manager over.” Su Ximan was obviously a regular here.

Without saying much, she got the attendant to call the manager over.

“Please wait a moment.

Ill get the manager to come over now!”

The attendant turned around and passed on the message via the earpiece hanging on his ear.

After a short while, the manager of Golden Palace hurried over.

He was holding the Black VIP Card that the attendant had passed to him.

He smiled and respectfully handed the card back.

“Miss Su, Miss Yun, Im the manager of Golden Palace.

My surname is Wei, and my name is Wei Lin.

Do you want to go upstairs or…”

Yun Xi inadvertently swept her eyes over the manager in front of her.

He was over forty years old and had a strong and tall figure.

Even though he didnt look outstanding, when his sharp eyes looked at people, it was as if he could see through their thoughts.

He was deep, extremely aware of his limits, and clearly not a simple character.

That makes sense.

Someone who could be the manager of Golden Palace was definitely not an ordinary person.

“Manager Wei knows me” Su Ximan and Yun Xi were equally surprised.

They didnt expect the manager to know who they were at a glance.

“Miss Su, youve been to Golden Palace before, so I naturally know who you are.

Miss Yun is the top socialite.

Ive heard a lot about you!”

There were only three Black VIP Cards.

He knew who it was the moment he saw the number on the card.

He had heard that the Second Young Master had given the card to Yun Xi.

If he didnt know the identity of the esteemed guest beforehand, he wouldnt be able to be the manager.

Su Ximan smiled.

“Manager Wei, since you know us, we will be frank with you.

Were here to look for someone.”

It was rare for Su Ximan to see the manager.

With him around, she could not be bothered to look for Liang Xinyi on her own.

She directly asked him about Liang Xinyis whereabouts.

“Liang Xinyi I need to ask around because there are more guests today.

Please wait a moment!”

The manager asked through the earpiece and got a quick reply.

“Shes on the second floor.”

“Then find us a spot where we can see her!”

“All right! This way, please!”

Yun Xi followed Su Ximan up to the second floor and walked behind him.

Yun Xi pulled Su Ximans arm and teased her with a half-smile.

“Why do I feel like… hmm, I feel like Im scouting for pr*stitutes”

Su Ximan tried not to laugh.

“Dont say that.

The manager will think that he didnt greet you properly! Were not here to scout for pr*stitutes.

Were here to watch a show!”

Wei Lin walked in front and smiled awkwardly.

“Ladies, if our hospitality is lacking, you can bring it up.

We will improve it immediately.”

“Manager Wei, shes just joking!” Su Ximan joked as he followed the manager to the second-floor booth.

“The Liang youre looking for is diagonally across.

What would you like to drink”

“Is there anything to eat Weve been shopping all afternoon and are starving!”

As soon as the two of them sat down, an observant attendant saw that the manager was personally receiving them and quickly brought two cups of warm water over.

“Of course! Our head chef knows how to make Chinese and Western meals.

You can order whatever you like.

We can do it for you!”

Wei Lin asked the attendant to bring the dusty menu while introducing the dishes to Su Ximan and Yun Xi.

It was unusual for guests to have dinner at the nightclub.

Even though Yun Xi was also hungry, she didnt have the face to say anything.

In the end, she randomly ordered a meal.

“Manager Wei, go about your business.

Theres no need to attend to us.

Were just here to take a look.

Theres nothing else.”

With Manager Wei personally attending to them, they attracted the attention of the attendants around them from time to time.

Yun Xi did not want to be so high-profile.

“All right.

If you need anything, you can tell the attendants! Ill excuse myself then!”

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