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When Lin Shuhua came to Yun Chuhans door with her protruding belly, it added to Yun Chuhans sense of crisis.

She had an even stronger desire to fight for the Yun familys inheritance rights, especially after Yun Xi had become the top socialite and gotten into the good graces of the Young Commander.

Therefore, throughout the New Year, she either worked hard to learn how to manage the household from her second aunt or studied hard during tutoring classes.

She strived to get into Jingdu University with the best results so that Yun Yuanfeng could reevaluate her worth.

Yun Xi saw through her thoughts and didnt expose her.

Yun Ziling was done for, and she wasnt even his biological daughter.

Yun Yuanfengs daughter, Yun Chuhan, was the only one he could count on.

If Yun Chuhan didnt work harder and a second Lin Shuhua appeared, she wouldnt have a good life in the future.

After lunch, Yun Xi sat in the living room, making tea for her grandfather and chatting for a bit.

She didnt know if such days would come again.

Although she was not as favored by the Old Master as her younger sister, Yun Kexin, it was still her grandfather who had raised her for so many years with his money.

During this time, when she returned to Jingdu, only her grandfather and second aunt treated her well.

She was not an ungrateful person.

Just as she was talking to her second uncle about Yun Haozhe studying abroad, her phone rang.

She looked at the caller ID and hung up after a few words.

“Grandpa, Second Uncle, Im going out for a while.

Ill be back later!”

The old master nodded.

“Go ahead! The weather is cold.

Be careful!”

After exiting the house, Yun Xi looked up and saw Yun Chuhan standing on the balcony on the second floor.

Even from such a distance, she could clearly see Yun Chuhans resentful expression.

She was not in the mood to bother with her now.

She closed the door and rushed out.

At the entrance of the residences, Xiaoer drove the car over.

She turned around and got into the car.

“Did something happen” The moment Xiaosi called her, she came out.

She looked up at Xiaosi, who was sitting in the back seat, and took the headset from him.

“Our men disguised as taxi drivers and sent Lin Shuhua back to her apartment.

The man who lives next door to her also came back in the afternoon.

We installed a spy recorder under all the windows in their house.

This is the sound that was just transmitted back from the other side.

I think Young Miss can listen to it.”

Yun Xi put on the headset, and Xiaosi pressed the play button on his laptop.

Instantly, rustling and talking sounds came from the headset.

“After going to the Yun family today, I realized that the eldest daughter of Yun Yuanfeng really isnt simple.

I dont know if she knows something, but she mentioned you! Im worried that if this goes on, something bad will happen.

If she says something to Yun Yuanfeng and the wedding goes down the drain, then all of our efforts would have been in vain! Especially since I am already six months along.

Im still hoping to rely on him to marry Yun Yuanfeng and pave the way for your future!”

“Dont worry! Yun Yuanfeng cares a lot about his son.

Even if it wasnt for you, he wouldnt have let our son become an illegitimate child.

That little lass from the Yun family is just a wild lass from the countryside.

Even if Yun Yuanfeng wanted to marry you, she wouldnt be able to stop him.

She probably saw that you were demonstrating your power to the Yun family and deliberately warned you.

We just have to be careful and lay low during this period!”

“But how did she know that your surname is Wang and youre still working at the city bureau Could that girl really know something”

“Its impossible! Were already being careful.

There are only two of us on this floor, and we dont usually go out at the same time.

How could she know anything Could she be scaring you on purpose Theres more than one person with the surname Wang in our department.

Could she be talking about someone else”

“How would I know She sounded as if she was serious.

I was shocked!”

“Lets not panic and scare ourselves first.

Marrying Yun Yuanfeng is the most important thing! The wedding date is still eleven days away.

To avoid any mistakes, we have to think of a way to get Yun Yuanfeng to bring forward the wedding date or get the marriage certificate in advance!”

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