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She had already come this far.

There was no turning back!

Before she married into the Yun family, anything could change.

She had to nip it in the bud!

Otherwise, all her efforts would have been for nothing.

“If you arent calling my father to complain to him about me, then get lost! My familys temple cant accommodate a big Buddha like you.

You shouldnt go to the Yun family until youve officially married my father.

Otherwise, if anything happens to the child in your stomach and you blame it on us, wouldnt we be blamed”

Pausing for a moment, she raised her eyebrows and met Lin Shuhuas venomous gaze.

Her eyes were cold.

“I wont hold it against you today because of the child.

The next time you come to the Yun family to show off, I wont be as gentle as Auntie!”

“You… just wait!” Lin Shuhua gritted her teeth and stood up.

She was so angry that her whole body was trembling.

Before she left, she didnt forget to leave some harsh words.

“When I marry into the family, I will make sure that you have a good life!”

“That depends on whether you can marry into the family!” Yun Xi retorted indifferently.

She raised her eyebrows and watched Lin Shuhua leave in a huff with her hands on her stomach.

She was in such a sorry state that she looked like a defeated hen.

Where was her arrogance from before

The moment she left, Yun Xi gave Auntie a look.

Auntie hurriedly followed her out of the hall and stared at Lin Shuhua as she left the courtyard and the main gate.

She only returned after she saw Lin Shuhua walking toward the entrance of the courtyard.

Yao Ying knew that Lin Shuhua wasnt someone who would let the matter rest easily.

She looked at Yun Xi worriedly.

“Your father is very obliging toward that woman now.

If she goes to your father and spouts nonsense, youll be the one who suffers!”

“Its fine, she wouldnt dare to.

Shell just pretend that nothing happened today.

Shes not stupid, and I reminded her just now.

If she dared to call him just now and complain about me, would she still need to go back and spew lies about me”

“Whats going on Why do I feel like theres a hidden meaning behind your words Whos next door, Old Wang”

Yun Xi looked at Yao Ying and told her everything about Lin Shuhua in detail so that she would be more vigilant in the future.

She did not want her to suffer any grievances because of Lin Shuhuas stomach, and certainly not under the conditions whereby they could not confirm whose child it was.

“This…” Yao Yings expression turned slightly sullen after hearing that.

As a woman and mother, she felt ashamed of Lin Shuhuas actions!

“My father probably wants a son because hes afraid that he wont have a successor after he gets promoted.

Especially after my mother went to jail, theres nothing to stop him anymore.

He wont even consider other matters and will be obsessed with having a son.”

To Yun Yuanfeng, being promoted and having a son were two great obsessions in his life.

They had also become something that others could use against him.

“But this is clearly a joke! The wedding is going to be held on the Lantern Festival soon, and the invitations have already been sent out.

If we cancel the wedding, the Yun family will be a laughingstock.

If we dont cancel it, there will be trouble.

Girl, you have to think of a way.

Our family cant afford to lose face!”

The second marriage of Yun Yuanfeng was going to happen because of his stubborn and obstinate nature.

He thought that others would not laugh at him and completely disregarded everyones attitude.

But if he became a father, everyone in the Yun family would lose face!

“Lin Shuhua will be going to the hospital for a pregnancy checkup in a few days.

Only then will we know the childs DNA and who the father is.

If its really my dads, then we can pretend that this didnt happen.

If its not, then well have to see how my dad handles it.

Whatever he insists on doing, he has to pay for his own choices.

Its useless for us to be anxious now.

Otherwise, if the child belongs to my dad, wouldnt I become a sinner My dad could even give up on my mom, let alone Lin Shuhua.

Right now, he only wants a son.

His daughter and wife arent important.”

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