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Feng Yang looked down at the file she handed over and was stunned for a moment.

He then reached out and took it from her.

“What is this”

“I came across some kidnappers in City Y who entered the city by sea on the third day of the New Year.

They were a group of more than 20 people, and they all had drugs on them.

Although it didnt seem like much, those were all new drugs that had just hit the market.

One gram of it is worth a thousand bucks.

This is a clinical trial report we got from running some tests.

Compared to the old drugs, the purity of the new ones has increased by 75 percent, and once they make their way out of the black market and into the world, the massive profit they could make from it would be unimaginable!”

The serious expression on Feng Yangs face suddenly turned gloomy, then he opened the file and asked, “Have you run a background check on this group of people”

“The drug traffickers are subordinates of Brother Jin, and kidnapping me was just their own side hustle.

Their main agenda was to enter City Y by sea and then leave the country by freight through the old airport.

The police have now taken control of this path of access.

You must have received news about this from your side, right”

Feng Yang nodded.

He had recently received news from City Y, but since the party involved was not under the Crocodile, he did not pay much attention to them.

“Who instructed them to kidnap you” Closing the file, he looked up at her as his eyes flickered with a hint of worry and gloom.

Yun Xi shrugged and chuckled lightly.

“Our beloved Eldest Miss Qi.

It cant be helped.

Shes Mu Feichis loyal admirer.”

“Someone from the Qi family” Although she had said it so casually, Feng Yang took her words with complete seriousness.

“If the Qi family is involved in this, then this is no trivial matter.

Do you understand what I mean!”

Yun Xi nodded.

Of course, she understood the seriousness of the matter.

Regardless of how Qi Siyu managed to contact this bunch of people, and whether or not the Prime Minister was involved—be it that he was personally affiliated with this gang or simply acquainted with the boss behind the scenes—if any word of this got out at all, it would definitely trigger a whole other round of rippling effects.

“So, a mute like me is expected to swallow this information in silence.

I cant do anything in the open, nor am I allowed to give them a taste of their own medicine.

Is that it”

She winced and raised her eyebrows, sweeping her eyes over the vast mountains behind Feng Yang.

There, on top of the tallest mountain, was Mu Feichis mansion, the Mu Mansion, and she realized how lonely it was to be on top of the world.

At that moment, she finally understood why, in all those years, Mu Feichi had always turned a blind eye despite knowing all the things the Han family had done.

It was just not time yet, and he never had quite found the right opportunity to stir the murky waters until she appeared and fired a shot right at the Han family, stirring the calm surface of Jingdu into a complete mess.

“I know its not the best time yet, so Ill wait for the right moment.

So long as this game of chess in Jingdu is not played to the very end, we wont know who the real winner is! Neither Mu Feichi nor I are ambitious people, so you dont have to worry about us causing chaos in Jingdu.”

She was clever enough to understand what he meant in just one sentence.

Feng Yang smiled.

“Why would I worry Im just an ordinary person, and even if the sky falls, there will still be you and Young Master Mu to hold it up.

So what would I have to fear”

“Great! Since you have nothing to fear, live your life well.

May you live long to see this world prosper!”

Feng Yang was taken aback.

Squinting his eyes to hide the gloom within, his thin lips curled into a faint smile.

“This is the best New Year blessing Ive heard so far!”

Yun Xi waved her hand cheerfully, then turned around and nodded to Xiaoer, who was waiting in the car.

Finally, she turned around and followed Feng Yang into the military region residences, striding side by side.

As she entered the mudroom, the housekeeper, who had heard the sound of the door opening quickly, came out of the kitchen.

Wiping her hands, she gave her a wink.

Yun Xi glanced at Lin Shuhua and her second aunt, who were both sitting on the couch.

Considering the way she proudly postured herself and flaunted her big belly, those who did not know better might have mistaken her as the rightful mistress of the house.

“Miss, youre back!” The housekeeper deliberately raised her voice and called out, “Are you cold I just made fried chop rice cake and red bean paste with tangerine peel.

Its still warm if you want some!”

“That sounds great! Ill have one of each then! Thank you, Auntie!”

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